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West Region, Lower Bracket

It's hard to believe, but today's battles from the bottom half of the West Regional conclude the first round of Ogle Madness. These games will all be played at the Cowchip Festival in Beaver. Here are the match-ups:

    • (6) Mike Gundy vs. (11) Grant Johnston
    • (3) Wayne Coyne vs (14) Byron Houston
    • (7) Linda Cavanaugh vs. (10) Lance Cargill
    • (2) Bob Stoops vs. (15) Jamelle Holieway

You can check out the details of each match-up and cast your votes after the jump. Voting is allowed until midnight tonight. Check us out tomorrow for a recap of this week's action and the entire first round.

(6) Mike Gundy vs. (11) Grant Johnston

About Mike Gundy:

Conference: Angry football coaches

Who he is: Oklahoma State Head Football Coach

Biggest Strength: Getting his facts straight. Choosing quality, long lasting hair gels.

Biggest Weakness: Blowing leads to Texas.

Fun Fact: He's a man. And he's 40.


About Grant Johnston:

Grant Johnston

Conference: Local Meteorologists

Who he is: Back-up weatherman at KFOR

Biggest Strength: Living life according to the gospels of Jesus Christ.

Biggest Weakness: Made a personal website about that chosen life. It's kind of creepy.

Fun Fact: Grant has apparently shut down said website. It could be that the thing hijacked browsers and made small children pee themselves. Or it could be another case of Patrick getting public figures to create stronger barriers between themselves and the public. You decide.




(3) Wayne Coyne vs (14) Byron Houston

About Wayne Coyne:

Conference: Amazing Oklahoma Musicians

Who he is: Lead singer of the Flaming Lips

Biggest Strength: Writing odd-ball tunes about the beauty of life, death and robot Jesus statues playing checkers on Mars.

Biggest Weakness: Has appeared in the Justice League of Oklahoma, Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed. Two of those were voluntary.

Fun Fact: Although he didn't graduate from high school, he gave the 2006 commencement speech for the artsy Classen High School. In it, he talks about selling pot and a "urine bath" from a young Mexican boy. It's worth a listen.


About Byron Houston:

Conference: The Carl Monday XII

Who he is: Former OSU and NBA basketball player.

Biggest Strength: Basketball ability, virility.

Biggest Weakness: Loves himself a bit too much. No, really. Loves himself a bit too much.

Fun Fact: Along with JR Raymond, Glendon Alexander, Doug Gottlieb and Jabahri Brown was named to the Oklahoma All-Penal Colony First Team.




(7) Linda Cavanaugh vs. (10) Lance Cargill

About Linda Cavanaugh:

Conference: Senior Citizens of the Oklahoma City Media

Who she is: Longtime evening anchor for KFOR Channel 4.

Biggest Strength: me crazy, but I would have to say it's her daughter Ann Cavanaugh.

Biggest Weakness: See's been around way too long. And for some reason, the whole "Strangers in Their Own Land" now kind of seems cheesy.

Fun Fact: She and Mike McCarville are the only people still living who reported from the original land run in 1889.


About Lance Cargill:

Conference: PHoO (Political Hacks of Oklahoma)

Who he is: Disgraced Speaker of the House

Biggest Strength: Soliciting Ideas

Biggest Weakness: Paying taxes

Fun Fact: According to polling data collected by Clark Matthews, Cargill has the most "punchable" face in Oklahoma




(2) Bob Stoops vs. (15) Jamelle Holieway

About Bob Stoops:

Conference: The Bud, Barry and Bob 3

Who he is: Football Coach, University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Making the testicles of local reporters retreat into their body cavities.

Biggest Weakness: Winning BCS games, avoiding pyramid schemes.

Fun Fact: Both he and marijuana are often smoked in bowls


About Jamelle Holieway:

Conference: Sooner Legends

Who he is: The gold standard for option quarterbacks

Biggest Strength: The triple-option

Biggest Weakness: Getting people to recognize him

Fun Fact: Holieway became OU's starting quarterback after an injury to the original starter. His play that led to a subsequent national championship caused the displaced quarterback to transfer. And if you think Jamelle has problems getting recognized, you should see the problems Troy Aikman has now.



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