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Sally Kern has a GAY son?

From, which just happens to be the biggest blog in the universe:

The truth always comes out!!!!

As it should happen to be"¦

The homophobic Republican hatemonger from Oklahoma has a gay son!!!!

That's right, Sally Kern's son Jesse is a big ol' homo, has learned.

We're sure he's REAL PROUD of mommy!

And, it has also been revealed that Good Ol' Sally has lied about receiving death threats.

God is ashamed of Sally Kern. We know. She told us!

Well, I guess this kind of confirms the rumors that one of her sons is gay. I hinted around this last Saturday, but I wasn't able to confirm anything, so I just posted a picture of Sally Kern's house instead. Anyway, even though Sally has already said that she won't apologize to all those she offended and hurt with her comments, hopefully she'll be a good Mom and apologize to her son...or at least send him to jail for being more dangerous than a terrorist.

(Thanks to a reader who is apparently fond of Brent Skarky for posting the tip.)

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