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The Justice League of Oklahoma (Episode 2.3)

Previously: Bob Stoops brought news of a plot to kidnap quarterback Sam Bradford to the Justice League. Gary England inserted Jason White into the League's starting line-up. Bryant Reeves and Lauren Richardson interviewed Mike Gundy as a suspect. He suggested another possible suspect.

Location: Gallagher-Iba Arena press office

Seeing Dave Hunziker, Bryant Reeves flags him down.

"Hey, Big Country, how can I help you?"

"We need to talk to Robert Allen."

"Follow me, I'll show you to the press room."  Lauren Richardson and Reeves follow Hunziker.  He commentates as he leads them.  "We're on our way.  Take a right at this hallway.  Go down two more doors.  Take a right!  A quick left!!  Oh no.  I'm showing you to the bathroom."

After the detour, Hunziker gets the league members to their destination.  The lights are out and after Richardson finds the switch the room appears empty.  The two are on the verge of exiting when Reeves spots an odd looking pillar near the far corner of the press room.

"Is that pillar sweating?" he asks Lauren.

She springs into action, running toward the pillar, which then slowly trudges to a nearby doorway.  Despite the advantage in speed, Richardson is a step too slow and Robert Allen shuts the door before she can get to him.  She tries the door, but finds it to be locked.  "Country, get over here!" she calls out.  "There's a glass pane on this door."

Reeves hurries over and leaps just before reaching the door.  Upon landing, the glass shatters allowing him to reach through to the door handle on the opposite side.  The door opens to reveal a stairwell.  Somehow, there is no trace of Allen.

"I think Coach Gundy may have been on to something," an exasperated Richardson exclaims.


Location:   Pearl's Oyster Bar, Oklahoma City

"Here's the plan," Gary England begins as the waitress brings him the tab.  "We are going to petition the NCAA to get you a seventh year of eligibility.  With you as Sam Bradford's back-up, the would be kidnappers likely call off their scheme to kidnap him before the Big XII championship."

Jason White shakes his head.  "Me and Coach Stoops already tried getting that seventh year.  I was pretty ticked off.  Brett Favre gets to play twenty years in Green Bay and I'm limited to six in Norman."

"Um, Brett Favre is a pro.  The Sooners are a college team."

"Tell that to Rhett Bomar."

Gary England fills out the credit card receipt and contemplates plan B.  White peers at the receipt.

"Is that all you're going to tip?"


"It's only like 5%.  At minimum, you're supposed to double the tax.  How much do they pay you at News-9?"

"More than you got for going to training camp with the Packers.  Amway pays me more, though."

"That's my point exactly.   But here, I'll get the tip.  I've got some cash left over from my B.C. Clark endorsement."

"Alright, back to what we came here to discuss.  Since we can't get you suited up, we're going to have you be Sam's bodyguard.  If anyone asks, we'll have Coach Stoops say you're working with him on reading defenses."


Location:  Boone Pickens Stadium luxury suites, Stillwater, OK

Having lost their prime suspect, the tandem of Country and Richardson decide to move up the ladder of influence on the Stillwater campus.  Using his fame on the campus, Reeves is able to obtain a meeting with the University's largest benefactor, T. Boone Pickens.

Entering the luxury suite area, the two Justice Leaguers are escorted OSU Police officers.  The lead officer turns the diamond encrusted door knob to reveal the largest, plushest room on campus.  Through the wall of glass, the 50 yard line is in plain view.  Coach Gundy is preparing his players for the as-yet-to-be-determined bowl matchup.  Pickens' suite is much like a palace.  Solid gold, life sized statues of Pistol Pete and Bullet bookend the billionaire's throne.  Above the seat, a digital readout tabulates the amount of money he has made during the day, with the final three digits moving so fast they can not be read.

The curmudgeonly benefactor beckons Reeves and Richardson to take a seat in front of the window in the manner of a Roman emperor.  Lauren begins to explain why they sought the meeting and is immediately cut off.

"Silence!" Pickens exhorts, "I know exactly why you're here.  This Bradford business, horrible ordeal."

Caught off guard, Richardson makes an executive decision and tries the damsel in distress approach hoping to regain control of the meeting.  "Yes.  Terrible."  She begins to tear up and in a manner that all pretty young women seem to perfect, continues.  "You know I am from Southern California, Laguna Beach, actually.  And, and, I just don't understand all of this animosity.  It's just football, you know."  She breaks into sobs, acting as if she is unable to go on.

At this point, Pickens gestures to Mike Holder who until this point had been waving a long handled fan made of peacock feathers at Boone.  Holder immediately stops his chore and presents Richardson with a silver box.  Richardson pulls the paper sticking out of the end and finds it to be a $100 bill.  Looking inside the box, she sees many more.  She bristles.

"Is this a bribe?!?"

"Absolutely not, my dear," Boone reacts calmly.  "If nothing else, I am a gentleman.  I simply noticed that you needed some tissue."

Reeves interjects, trying to get back to task.  "Mr. Pickens, we thank you for seeing us and I personally thank you a great deal for all that you have done for my alma mater.  We are here because of a threat to the safety of Sam Bradford, and want you to know that you aren't a suspect..."

"Why not?" Pickens asks incredulously.  When no answer comes immediately, he proceeds.  "I would think I'd be at the top of your list of suspects.  You are, after all, an organization of crime fighting superheroes.   I see your puzzled looks, you thought you were a secret?  To most...probably.  But I am a man of means, and little goes undetected to my network of influence.  Which brings me back to my puzzlement.  Ubervillains are always the wealthy.  Lex Luther, for instance.  To do great evil, one must have unlimited resources."

Interrupting, Lauren Richardson asks, "Are you confessing?"

Pickens smirks.  "Once again you jump to a poor assumption.  I assure you that if I were involved in this, I would be straight forward with you.  For instance, I have no problem admitting that I was a primary funder to the Swift Boat Veterans.  In this case, however, I have little interest.  Were it Texas A&M who cut me from their poor excuse of a basketball team, maybe.  Let the Sooners have their glory, though.  It will make this institution's rise to dominance that much sweeter.  Now if there is nothing else, I would like to get back to watching Coach Gundy's practice."


Check back next week for Part 4

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