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Justice League of Oklahoma (Part III)

Previously: After saving the town of Greer from a cataclysmic weather event, Doug Sauter and Joe Burton were themselves saved by Lauren Richardson. Upon return, however, Lauren's heroics were not appreciated by Gary England. As she left, Mike Morgan requested a meeting with her.


Location: Mike Morgan's Lexus

"It was awful," whines Lauren Richardson from the passenger's seat. "I take initiative, save two members of the league, and Gary treats me like I'm as useful as one of his old barometers."

"That's a shame," Morgan replies while checking out his hair in the rearview mirror, "especially after all you've given up for the greater good."

"Exactly! I could have been a professional golfer--like my father and grandfather--but I chose journalism, hoping that the Justice League would take notice of me."

"That hasn't been your only sacrifice, though."

"No, even in journalism, the League has held me back. Look at me! I should be an anchor--but no, because of my responsibilities saving OKC, I don't even get a chance. I'm stuck doing puff pieces like log rolling at the State Fair or making sundaes at Braums. At FOX News, of all places!"

"That has to hurt. Sorry to change the subject, but does my part look okay?"

"It looks fine."

"The bangs?"


"Oh good. Anyway, back to what you were saying, you're wasting your time with Gary. Sure he has Doppler 9000, but there is more to life than saving lives. I can offer you much more. Money! Power! All you have to do is come to work for Channel 4."

"As a reporter?"

"No, anchor...of the 10 o'clock."

"What about Linda Cavanaugh?"

"She's been dead for years. She had it in her contract that she'd have to stay on the air until her 30th anniversary at the station no matter what. That's an animatronic version of her that has been reciting the news. We can retire that robot...but you would have to do something for us..."

Lauren looks nervous.


Location: The Storm Chasers' Lair

Wayne Coyne has made it back after completing The Flaming Lips' tour. Wayne strums the guitar while he and Gary are going over suspects.

Gary: I'm almost positive that Morgan is behind this.

Wayne: He's as good a candidate as any, but why are you so certain?

Gary: That guarantee of getting the high temperature within four degrees...he doesn't have the technology we have, and I'm never that close. That makes me believe he must have the capability to control the weather.

Wayne: I can't disagree with that logic, but what motive does he have to take down Greer, or anywhere else for that matter?

Gary: I'm not sure. You think it might be Rick?

Wayne: He is a Husker, and you did go to OU. As bad as Nebraska's football team is right now, he might be going crazy with jealousy. Plus if you extend your logic regarding Mike out: "Rick said it would be like this"?

Gary: He's too mild mannered, though.

Unbeknownst to the two men, Lauren Richardson has been listening to the conversation all along, having slipped in quietly.

Lauren: It's not Mike.

Gary: How do you know?

Lauren: There's nothing going on in his head. He wouldn't know how to work a machine like that, even if there was one.

Gary: Oh, the machine exists.

Lauren: How do you know? It's not like Doppler 9000 has a device tracking rogue equipment.

Gary: I just know. Leave it at that.

Lauren leaves in a huff.

Wayne: What was that all about?

Gary: She's a loose cannon. If she knows that I invented this machine, I don't know what she might do with the information.



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