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Don’t LOOK at OKC: Send Us Your State Fair Pictures

10:42 PM EDT on September 17, 2007

About a week or so ago, during a normal, civil conversation, my ex-wife told me that some LOOK @ OKC photographer took a picture of her and a girlfriend kissing at a bar. I'm pretty sure that she told me this little bit of information in contrived attempt to make me jealous, and Gary England almighty, wouldn't you believe that it worked!

Since hearing the news, I've sadly turned into a LOOK @ OKC junkie, scouring the site for the infamous picture. So far, I haven't run across it. And knowing the Oklahoman like I do, I doubt I ever will. However, I have run across other interesting pictures. Pictures like these:

These pictures are pretty cool. They really do make me want to look at OKC. However, the Oklahoman also likes to show a bunch of pictures that make me not necessarily want to look at OKC. Pictures like this:

For some reason, looking at all these pictures, especially the bad ones, gave me the following idea:

Why don't I see if our readers will email us amazing pictures from the Great State Fair of Oklahoma. Pictures that make you want to shake your head. Pictures that make you wonder where people come from. Pictures that truly make you not want to look at Oklahoma City. And why don't I announce this idea after the first big State Fair weekend.

Anyway, that's our plan. Please Please Please send us some funny State Fair pictures to thelostogle at We'll sift through them, and if we publish one of yours, we'll buy you a FREE T-SHIRT from Busted Tees.

Sound good?

P.S.- If you can find the picture of my ex-wife kissing her friend, please send that one, too.

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