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Is this the OU scrotum grabber?

Alleged Oklahoma Scrotum Grabber

It's time we turn all Smoking Gun on everyone.

According to the Sterling College website, which hosts the picture above, the man on the right is Mike Beckett. Mike Beckett is the alias for Allen Michael Beckett, the same guy who allegedly ripped the scrotum of a poor Texas football fan. How do we know this? Because of websites like Google, Melissa Data and the Oklahoma County Assessor's office...that's how.

Now that we know what the scrotum-grabber looks like, here are some thoughts:

"¢ When I first pictured Allen Michael Beckett, I pictured him as some crazy, meth addict looking dude with long hair and a white-trash goat-tee. I didn't think he'd look and dress like the good old Dad from some 1990s sitcom. Now, after seeing his picture, and discovering that he has a wife, three kids and solid job, I hope he gets through this mess okay, and that the urge to rip the scrotum off some guy was just a one time, drunken thing.

"¢ According to some message board rumors and public documents, Mike went to and possibly graduated from Oklahoma State University. That would be a shame, because the jump-to-conclusions square, called "the media," has labeled Mike an OU fan. If that's not the case, and Oklahoma State fans are tearing the scrotums of Texas fans, then everybody in this entire State needs to watch their back, or more accurately, their fronts.

"¢ We may have to make an emergency addition to our Top 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this case unfolds. Expect wall-to-wall coverage on this one.

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