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Jim Traber is Calm, Rational, Well-Groomed

One of the things I like about Jim Traber is how even-tempered he is. Whenever I try and describe him to someone, I inevitably just show them the famous video of him chasing the Japanese pitcher into the outfield.

It's that kind of thoughtfulness and reasonable decision-making that make him such a popular talk show host.

One of my favorite quirks about Traber's show is this: Some moronic OU fan (there are a few of us) will call in and say something dumb, and Traber will lay into him. Fine. But then he oftentimes spends almost his entire show and then some of the "Total Dominance Hour" harping about the same dumb comment, constantly prefacing his statements by saying that he understands that it's a "small minority" of fans who have whatever dumb opinion he's talking about.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why someone spends so much of their time complaining about the opinions of someone who is admittedly in a "small minority." For instance, I think it is crazy that there are people who are fans of Jim Traber's show. Yes, I admit that people who like his show are in a very small minority, but those people are insane.

Now I, unlike Jim Traber would, will let it go.

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