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Free Sgt. Slammer!

2:31 PM EDT on May 14, 2007

So, it looks like there will be basketball in Oklahoma City next year, after all. After finally trudging my way through the Oklahoman's infuriatingly clunky web site, I happened upon this story, detailing the apparent return of the Oklahoma City Cavalry. Like you, I find this news as exciting as the prospect of the Sonics heading to town. Hardly an hour goes by in which I am not reminded of the glory days of the Cavalry, when the Myriad was filled with literally dozens of people and Chris Needham called the action on the radio.

The owner of the team, Baron Hopgood, gives the information we've all been waiting for:

"I think we have locked in a home court, and we'll announce that at our press conference," Hopgood said. "We're not playing at any high school or any college. It will be at one of the arenas in the Oklahoma City arena."

Hopgood said the new Cavs would play at the Cox Center, Ford Center or State Fair Arena.

Player tryout camps will be held in the Dallas area, where Hopgood is headquartered, and the Oklahoma City area. The CBA draft is in September.

"We are trying to decide on which coach we will hire," Hopgood said. "We do have some candidates that do want the job, and they're very well know, former NBA players."

So they have no place to play, no players, and no coach. Forgive me if I say this doesn't seem like a promising start. A quick perusal of the history of the CBA seems to indicate that there have been something like 95 franchises in league history. With stability like that, it does seem like the Cavalry II should fit right in.

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