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New Conferences, New Players, and New DUIs: It Was A Historic Day in 405 Sports

Before I sign off for our 4th of July mid-year break, I’d like to give a proper tribute and offering to the Oklahoma Sports Gods.

Although they seem to derive a lot of pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering, yesterday was a sign of just how far the 405 sports scene has come over the past decade with OU officially joining the SEC, the Thunder finally signing a coveted, high-priced free agent, and OSU’s star running back spoiling the fun by getting arrested for a DUI in Moore!

Let’s first talk about...

Although July 2nd in the SEC feels a lot like July 2nd in the Big 12, this is a tepidly exciting moment for the OU program and its many obnoxious, over-confident fans.

Will OU take some lumps? Sure! But I think the brand, fan support, and whoever they hire as their next football coach after Venables will be able to overcome it. Plus, it will be much more fun taking those lumps from LSU, Alabama, and Florida than from OSU, Iowa State, and Kansas.

Naturally, both OU and the SEC had to overhype the big day with parties, celebrations, and wall-to-wall media coverage. The Bald SEC Pundit Guy from ESPN was here, as well as the new commissioner and others.

To be honest, it all felt a bit forced and unnecessary, but I’m fine with it. That’s the M.O. for college football nowadays. Plus, it gave Joe Castiglione the opportunity to throw bermuda-killing shade across Lincoln Riley’s L.A. lawn:

That’s great! I knew Lon Kruger stepped down because he was a coward, and this only proves it!

Okay, we know who that was really meant for.

Hopefully, this helps close the door on the over-the-top bitterness and hatred OU fans have for a guy whose primary crimes were not fielding a defense, smoking dry brisket, and leaving the state for a nice, high-paying job in California.

There’s nothing wrong with continuing to root for USC to lose, but hopefully OU fans can now focus their anger and frustration on watching Brent Venables make massive coaching blunders in close SEC games.

While OU was joining the world’s premier semi-pro football conference, the OKC Thunder were also navigating uncharted waters by signing Isaiah Hartenstein, the first high-priced free agent to sign with OKC from another franchise.

The signing triggered the biggest OU and Thunder news day convergence since that depressing night in October of 2012 when Sam Presti traded James Harden to the Rockets just as Landry Jones was laying an egg at home to Manti Te'o and Notre Dame.

Although pricey, the Hartenstein move has been lauded by the NBA punditry clique, and it’s easy to see why. He provides an edge of physicality and toughness the team lacked but still possesses the quick decision-making and advanced passing skills needed to keep up with the team’s offense…

The only question is how Hartenstein will adjust to the Thunder’s culture, a different style of coach, and the comforts and contentedness that come with signing a huge contract.

Finally, for giggles, and to make sure everyone remembers the school still exists, OSU all-world running back Ollie Gordon II was arrested on DUI charges in Moore, apparently after leaving an OU to the SEC celebration in Norman.

Okay, I made up the “leaving an OU to the SEC celebration” part, but why else would the guy be drinking and driving in Moore? Was he really craving Taco Casa or something?

Anyway, I was a bit surprised that OSU used a DUI arrest to sneak into a great sports day news cycle for the 405, but then again, self-destructive behavior is the ultimate cry for help after being left behind in an inferior conference. Hopefully, the program gets the therapy and support it needs.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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