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Adults Posing as Students Create Cringe-Worthy Ryan Walters Music Videos…

Hey right-wing kiddos – have you heard the freshest word on the anti-woke street?

My man Ryan Walters ain’t down with woke teachers, yo, and we’ve now got MAGA-nificent block rockin’ beats to prove it, young playas!

Sorry, that was my lonely and desperate attempt to reach and identify with today’s youth. On that topic...

Over the last week, media outlets, education activists, and digital media peddlers – us included – have been bombarded with AI-generated rap music videos promoting Ryan Langston-Walters’s holy crusade against every looney homeschool mom’s favorite boogeyman – Woke Teachers.

Created and shared by, I assume, a grown man posing as a group of public school students – nothing creepy about that, huh? – the songs and accompanying videos are awful even by shoddy AI-generated content standards.

Check out this hip-hop version:

Here's the generic country version. It's audio only, thank God.

As you can see, the songs were produced and shared by a mysterious group called “Students For Ryan Walters,” which I guess is supposed to make us think that there are Oklahoma students out in the wild who actually support the mad-man administrator.

I call B.S. on that.

First of all, if you think that Oklahoma students – outside of the ones who work at the Harbor Mountain Coffee House – even know who Ryan Walters is, much less support him, then I’ve got a massive collection of public school library pornography to sell you.

Second, knowing what we know about the tried and true Orwellian GOP tactic of naming things the opposite of what they mean – for example, tabbing legislation that bans library books the Library Book Protection Act – I can only assume the videos were created by grown-ups pretending to be students.

There’s some circumstantial evidence to support this.

For example, check out the social platforms where the group has set up shop:

Really? You’re telling me that Oklahoma students have launched a campaign to support Ryan Walters, and two of the four platforms they’ve chosen to share content are Facebook and Xitter? What, did they coordinate this during their knitting circle?

Seriously, I’d hate to break it to whichever right-wing man, woman or out-of-state PR firm hired by Matt Langston created this group, but whether it’s in the real world or the digital one, kids – at least the cool ones – tend to avoid the areas where they can be seen or followed by their parents. Facebook and Xitter are about as cool to them as square dancing and dental retainers combined!

Although Students for Ryan Walters is obviously a front, something called Defense of Democracy - OK released their own AI-generated response video:

Yep, move over Kendrick and Drake. We have a new AI rap feud brewing in the social media sphere; one where there can be no winners.

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue following the Ryan Walters AI hype video propaganda beat and provide any updates.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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