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Oklahoma Cracking Down on ‘Woke’ Pro Wrestling Matches…

Score a point for the “Save Fake Womens Sports” crowd!

In response to a recent match between a trans female and their biological counterpart, KOKH Fox 25 has reported that the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission os now cracking down on woke professional wrestling matches.

Check this out:

All Elite Wrestling has been warned by a little-known state commission not to have certain matches in the state again.

All Elite Wrestling, a professional wrestling company based in Jacksonville, Florida, held its first-ever show in the state of Oklahoma on December 20, 2023.

During that show, a famous transgender wrestler, Nyla Rose, had a match against a cisgender wrestler, Alejandra Lion. Rose defeated Lion.

Commissioners believe that was against the rules created by the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission (OSAC), which oversees wrestling, boxing and kickboxing in the state.

I know Oklahoma is a full-fledged idiocracy, and many people – especially those who voted for Ryan Walters  – think professional wrestling is real, but the athletic commission has to know pro wrestling is fake… right?

Like, they understand it’s nothing more than white trash theater. The results are scripted and pre-determined, and that a match has more in common with extreme improv than a real-life sporting event. 

I guess the answer is “apparently not.”

There is a ban on intergender matches in Oklahoma, according to the OSAC's rules:

The Commission will not approve sanctioning permits between human participants and non-humans or between males and females. A male participant is a person of the heterogametic sex born with XY chromosomes. A female participant is a person born of the homogametic sex with XX chromosomes…

According to the minutes from their meeting, the commission ended up voting to warn AEW "not to do this again or there will be punitive action made against them.”

First of all, does that ruling also mean that bars are prohibited from organizing co-ed bikini oil wrestling matches? 

You don’t see the commission delivering an opinion on that, now do you?

Second, I like how it's illegal for a biological man to fake wrestle a biological woman, but someone hitting their unsuspecting opponent in the back of the head with a metal chair, and then proceeding to throw the opponent out of the ring and onto a flimsy folding table, is totally fine.

In response to the commission’s ruling, Nyla Rose – the wrestler at the center of controversy – had this to say:

Regardless of your stance on the tired, manufactured, transgendered athlete culture war debate, and the commission's ruling, can we all agree on one thing – it’s beyond stupid that the OSAC is regulating professional wrestling? 

It would be like putting the Oklahoma Science and Innovation Council in charge of regulating local astrologers, or tasking the Wildlife Department with licensing Snipe hunters!

Also, don't get me wrong. One of my friends passed away following a tragic pro wrestling accident, so I know how dangerous the activity is, but it's just that – an activity. Not an athletic sport that needs to be regulated by a gaming commission.

Anyway, for all the mixed-gender wrestling fans out there – we're talking to you, Jason – we'll continue to follow this story about the Oklahoma government's absurd overregulation of fake issues involving fake sports.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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