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The Taco Truck Chronicles: S. Pennsylvania Ave.

In this edition of the Taco Truck Chronicles, I took my salsa-beating heart along a three-mile stretch of S. Pennsylvania Ave. – from SW 29th down to SW 59th – to see all the fine foods and flavors they had to offer.

It did not disappoint.

With the exception of the abandoned truck on the side of the road, I sampled five trucks along the beaten path. I spent around $10 bucks at each spot, but it was worth a cool million or so to me.

During my last Taco Truck Chronical along NW 10th, I threw a wrapped tortilla on the voyage by ordering various burritos. This time around, I mixed it up and ordered a hodge podge of interesting items on each truck’s menu, from fried potato tacos to barbacoa quesadillas.  

I started with...


Lonchera San Jose (Near S. Penn and SW Grand Blvd.)

As Jesus and Joseph watched over me, I started things off at Lonchera San Jose with some Fried Potato Tacos ($9.50),

Served with a paper sack of complementary seasoned tortilla chips, the tacos – five to be exact – were surrounded by scads of Mexican cheese, relish, and plenty of extra cucumbers in the box.

Deep fried to a golden hue, they obviously tasted amazing. The hot and crunchy fried shell provided a crispy kick to the tubular proceeds, while the red hot sauce provided a cool and spicy kick.

Taqueria “La Fiesta” (Near S. Penn and SW 44th)

Located at the busy corner of SW 44th and Penn, when I stopped by Taqueria “La Fiesta” a lunch crowd was already amassing.

After getting my food, I could easily see why. Although it's still a taco truck, the portions at Taqueria “La Fiesta” seem like something you'd get a low-key sit-down spot. The only thing missing was a huge bag of free chips, salsa, and queso!

For my dish, I went with something simple –  Chicken Chipotle ($10.00).

Served with beans, rice, and a half dozen or so flour tortillas, the simmered chicken, onions, and cheese was dowsed with a joyous chipotle sauce, creating a lush meal that was very spicy and very good.


Las Abuelitas (Near Feria Latina Supermarket, 1645 SW 47th St.)

Hiding behind a shopping center near Feria Latina, Las Abuelitas is more swank than other trucks in the area, with a variety of fresh juices and Mexican snacks on tap.

But I wanted to try their Carne Asada Torta ($10.00), and that's what I got.

After a few minutes, I was handed a large bolillo roll filled with lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, and radishes, and the best carne asada meat around. If you can find any that is better, let me know. Just a little hot sauce, and it makes a perfect meal. The torta was simplemente divino.


Tortas “Carlitos” (Near El Gato Car Audio & Car Wash, 4715 S. Penn Ave.)

Situated outside a car audio installer, the tunes kept playing and the cheese wouldn’t stop flowing!

Even though it has the word “tortas” in the name, I went off the beaten path and went with the barbacoa Quesadillas ($10.00). It was one of the many great decisions I made on this day:

With lettuce, tomatoes, and a big smoked jalapeno on top resting at the top, this quesadilla was the simplest of pleasures – warm gooey cheese and the sizzling barbacoa melding together in a luscious, tasty way that only meat and cheese can!

As I ate bite after bite, I forgot how filling a quesadilla could be while looking at my empty plate.


El Taconazo Fugaz (Near Gomez Tire Shop, 5531 S. Penn)

For my final spot, I went to El Taconazo Fugaz— meaning “sweeping heel,” but don’t quote me on that.

For this last meal, I gravitated towards the Mexican variation of an American dish: the Hamburgese Mexicana ($9.00).

The crinkle-cut fries were not very good, but the burger made up for it. With a sesame-seed bun – as well as lettuce, tomato, and avocados – the flame-broiled hamburger was tossed with both grilled hot dogs and a slice of ham!

Tasting like a Mexican version of a summer BBQ, it was a delicious and memorable end to a fantastic voyage spent sampling some of the best food this town has to offer.

¡Alabados sean los santos!


If you have a dynamic triangulation of taco trucks that should be featured, let me know in the comments so I map them out and, of course, eat them. Cómpralo ya!


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