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The Taco Truck Chronicles: The NW 10th Mile

For most of my life – from my youthful days in South Texas to my adult years in the OKC proper – I have lived in, on, and for taco trucks.

From the smallest wagon to the biggest diesel, I stop at one whenever I get chance, with nary a bad review and just a little bit of food poisoning in the process. No big deal!

Over the past few years, though, I have noticed something on the taco truck scene that gets my approval – the formation of taco truck districts.

Basically, it seems like every time I find one new taco truck to check out, two more pop up down the block. What’s a guy to do?!

Eat at all of them, of course.

Mostly for my enjoyment, and hopefully, a little bit of yours, I have decided to compress and decompress these steaming hot districts into a soft and moist database of delicious pleasure.

Today we start with my favorite taco truck district: The 10th Street Taco Mile.

Starting at Tacos El Rey near Whitaker’s Food in the NW 10th & May area and ending at Taqueria Manantial across from the ol' gas station at 10th & Penn, this mile-long stretch of rough and tumble road features some of the best taqueria cuisines in town.

Here's my guided breakdown...

Tacos El Rey (Near Whitaker’s Foods, 2941 NW 10th St.)

My favorite taco truck around town, I started my journey with the barbacoa burrito. This hefty burrito was no-frills at $7.00 and, even better, it was super spicy.

With the semi-fatty barbacoa inside, it was joined by rice, sour cream, and both red and green salsas. It was more than perfect!

Tacos Sibilia (Near Midwest Bakers Supply, 2716 NW 10th St.)

I have driven by this spot numerous times over the years, but I have never been to Tacos Sibilia until this maiden trek. Sticking with a burrito theme, I went for the $7.50 Burrito Sibilia –  a flavorful mix of beef, beans, cheese, cilantro, onions, along with ketchup and mustard.

I have to say, this may have been the first time I've had ketchup and mustard on a burrito. It creates a real unique flavor that I haven’t had before and makes me wonder if frankfurter burrito should be on the menu.


Taqueria Manantial (Near Penn 10 Stop, 2040 NW 10th St.)

The crown jewel of 10th Street and its lavish burrito scene, this taco cart is very stationary, with picnic tables and ample shade.

Once again, going with a burrito for an article about taco trucks, I chose their $11.00 Plato Burrito – a hefty rolled-up treat of barbacoa meat, rice, sour cream, and plenty of onions, as well as side of beans and rice.

Why would anyone ever eat at some stale chain with a meal like this awaiting you like God at the gates of burrito heaven? This was a whole and delicious meal at a great price.


El Tikal (Near Hubcap World, 2709 NW 10th St.)

Serving dinner around 6 p.m., El Tikal is heavy on the poultry – as well as shrimp, hot dogs, and potatoes – rather than beef tacos and beefier burritos.

Looking over the menu, I had the Skinny Chevere ($4.00)—a hot dog snack with mustard, mayo, ketchup, Cole slaw, and jalapenos.

It was basically a hot dog, which is fine, but the limited menu paled in comparison to other spots in the 10th Street Taco Mile.


This concludes my first breakdown of a Taco Truck District. If you have any ideas or suggestions on which district I should tour next, leave a comment.

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