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Oops! Ryan Walters Stan Postcard Was Actually A Negative Attack Mailer!

Slap a dunce hat on my head and put me in the corner with Ryan Walters. I was duped!

Yesterday afternoon, I wrote a little ditty about Ryan Walters stan Scott Christian losing a Norman School Board Election to some hippie USAO Dean named Dawn Brockman.

The evidence was this postcard mailer where Scott's backers seemingly bragged about him being bros with Ryan Walters...

Well, pour a big heaping pile of greasy Jimmy’s Egg on my face.

Thanks to an observant Ogle Mole, we’ve learned this is actually a dark ops attack piece put together by pro-public education Democrats, and not some moronic attempt by Scott’s campaign team and backers to seduce old white people who hate public education.

So, on that note, I’d like to officially apologize to Scott and his genius campaign strategists at Mr. Magoo and Associates. I was wrong.

After doing some research, I can confirm the postcard was actually a very sly and successful negative campaign attack piece funded by Democrats. This is because…

A) As one Ogle Mole pointed out, the postcard is branded with a Union Bug. Considering Ryan Walters thinks members of unions are terrorists, I don’t think his supporters would hire a union-backed shop for postcard printing. They’d probably go with a low-cost option from China.

B) The postcard was mailed by Oklahomans for Better Representation. You can donate to them on the Democratic fundraising site Act Blue. I’m hearing the group is funded by the regal, handsome, and debonair David Walters – a.k.a. the Godfather of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

Although I totally acknowledge I didn’t do my homework and made a home school-educated style mistake in reporting the postcard was sent out by Scott Christian backers, I don’t feel too dumb.

As a liberal independent, one of my biggest complaints about the Democratic Party is they try to follow the sanctimonious Obama doctrine of “When they go low, we go high,” and instead of getting down and dirty and doing whatever it takes to win like they’re Republican brethren, they roll over and play dead and invent ways to lose, so you can’t blame me for not thinking they were clever enough to pull this off.

Also, don’t feel too sorry for Scott.

Although you may not see him and Ryan having a cup of coffee at the Harbor Mountain Coffee Shop anytime soon, the bullet points on his social media campaign graphics show he went to the Ryan Walters school of right-wing anti-public education talking points.

He also sends his kids to private schools, but wants to serve on a public school board:

Plus, in a nod to guilt by association, Scott was endorsed by Unite Norman ringleader Nicole Kish and other right-wing anti-public education wackos:

Anyway, I'd like to apologize to Scott Christian, Mr. Magoo and Associates, and all TLO readers and subscribers who come here for only the highest quality and most accurate reporting produced by a hungover guy who never took a journalism class.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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