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Ryan Walters Stan Loses Norman School Board Election…

In case you were unaware – and based on voter turnout, you probably were – yesterday was election day for municipalities and school districts across Oklahoma.

I don’t follow these elections too closely, but one result that really sharpened my pencil was Dawn Brockman knocking off Ryan Walters stan Scott Christian by a count of 54% - 46% for a seat on the Norman School Board.

Dawn – a Dean at USAO – ran on a mainstream “I’m a qualified candidate who wants to better public education for Norman students” platform, while Scott – a VP for Prosperity Bank whose only education experience is running a boot camp for Norman moms – bragged about being friends with Ryan Walters and sticking it to teachers.

Check these mailers some group sent out leading up to the election:

Yep, if you like Ryan Walters, you’re going to love Scott Christian!

I guess that also means if you hate Ryan Walters, you’re going to despise Scott Christian – something that the genius campaign strategists at Mr. Magoo and Associates didn’t consider when dreaming up the postcard. 

Seriously, send Scott and Co. to remedial Political Science 101!

Who knew that ignoring polling data – and then hitching a ride on the tan SUV bandwagon of a universally loathed, reviled and despised (by informed sane people) Christian nationalist – would be a losing strategy for a school board election in a purple place like Norman.  

Also, quick aside – if you’re a Prosperity Bank customer who values teachers, public education, and strong and defined separation between church and state, I’d encourage you to please use your capitalistic voting voice and choose one of the 25 or so other financial institutions or banks in the Norman area. 

For what it’s worth, a small percentage of Norman residents weren’t the only people to reject the Ryan Walters right. 

Up in Tulsa, voters elected Sarah Smith over Maria Seidler by a whopping 72% to 28% margin. Smith is a PTA mom who has students in Tulsa Public Schools, while Marie is a deranged anti-public school attorney who didn’t in any way coordinate with the PAC her husband created to attack her opponants. 

Here’s an example of the mailers she sent out:

Question – Outside of wanting access to tax dollars, and a devilish desire to indoctrinate students into their religion, why do people who should be involved in Christian private schools want to sit on public school boards? Wait. I think I just answered my question. 

Anyway, although I’m sure some people who hate public schools and want to try to turn them into for-profit, religious-themed indoctrination centers won school board seats somewhere yesterday, I’d like to thank Norman and Tulsa area voters – at least the ones who support and value students, teachers and public schools – for doing the right thing and voting for people who aren't Ryan Walters affiliated psychos. You’re the real MVPs.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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