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Report: Dusty Deevers Still A Christian Nationalist Psycho

Although he’s only been in office a short while, State Senator Dusty Deevers – a hardcore member of the Lawton Christian Taliban who wants to impose his religion, strict sanctimonious moral code, and archaic fundamentalist values on any and all people – is already making a name for himself as one of the most deranged and unpopular lawmakers at the Oklahoma Capitol.

For example, he joined State Senator Nathan Dahm – the current title belt holder for most deranged and unpopular lawmaker – in a filibuster yesterday because they were mad none of their insane right-wing legislation was put to a vote in the Senate.

As a result of this obstructionist tactic, former Oklahoma Governor for a Day – State Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat – called Dahm and Deevers terrorists…

Whether it’s Sally Kern (calling gays terrorists), Ryan Walters (calling teachers terrorists) or Greg Treat (calling idiots terrorists), I think the whole terrorist metaphor label is overused and disrespectful to real terrorists. I prefer “I don’t negotiate with idiots” or something like that.

However, in the case of Deevers, the “terrorist” label may be warranted.

Check out this video making the rounds on social media where he openly calls for men to line up, arm themselves, and fight a violent holy battle for an almighty warrior king who will apparently overthrow American democracy and make all “enemies” bow at his feet.

Naturally, the warrior king’s name is Jesus.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I dropped out of vacation Bible school so my knowledge about the teachings of ancient religious texts that have been revised and edited by powerful men who have wanted to control people for centuries is limited, but isn’t Jesus supposed to be a pretty chill and peaceful dude?

I’m pretty sure the vilest thing he ever did was turn water into wine, something that Deevers would like to make a felony punishable by public flogging.

Also, isn’t Jesus also God, which means he also has supernatural powers and stuff, and can control all destinies?

If so, does he really need an army of poor, white trash fundamentalist Christian dudes to fight his battle for him? I don't think anyone wants to deal with those weirdos...

"Almighty Jesus, great warrior king of our realm, we bring you essential oils as gifts!

"Thanks, Dusty. I appreciate that."

"And not only can you use these healing balms and concoctions for your own personal benefit, but if you sign up as a distributor, you can sell and share them for the benefit of others, too! My wife can sign you up today!"

"Dad, get me out of here!"

Seriously, wouldn't it be easier for Jesus to just show up and reveal himself, do some trippy magic stuff, create some floods or earthquakes to prove a point, and then basically get everyone to comply and fall in line?

Then again, I’m not a psycho-religious zealot calling for some bizarre rebellion to overthrow American democracy and replace it with an immortal warrior king who wants to force people to bow on their knees, so what do I know?

Anyway, as one of the first media outlets to cover Deevers, and his ideas to ban no-fault divorce and internet pornography in Oklahoma, I’d actually like to thank the people of Lawton for electing such a scary and psychotic asshole to public office.

I doubt it will, but hopefully seeing people like him in office will remind normal folks that elections matter, and to actually get out and vote so terrorists like him won’t be elected.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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