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Innovative Indulgences: Exploring the Unique Scoops of Boom Town Creamery

Last year, I had around five or six donuts in my mouth when I reviewed the Missouri-based Hurts Donuts. Filled with the sweet goodness of the mini-cakes, I noticed the now-playing new-wave ice cream shop next-door, Boom Town Creamery, 605 NW 23rd St. Swoon!

Hopefully, I said, I would like a scoop or two…someday, someway.

It’s been about a year since that day, and Boom Town has taken off like a rocket into the sky, with one-bite patrons, hardcore aficionados, and smarmy local politicians all wanting that fresh “small batch” variety that big-time local shops like Braum’s can’t muster.

So after a long wait—BOOM!—I finally made it to the creamery, and I wasn't the only one. Taking advantage of the sunny Saturday afternoon weather, a steady stream of customers were dribbling in and out with cones, cups, and other forms of cold-treat transportation. Brrrr!

I already had a few ideas for my afternoon treat, and I started with a scoop of the Cherry Goat ($5.25) – a goat cheese ice cream, with roasted cherries and salted fudge swirl to top.

I know the idea of goat cheese might be polarizing, let alone goat cheese ice cream, but I absolutely loved it. The tangy goat cheese added a pop to the cherry proceedings, making this a great start to this somewhat frozen adventure.

As wild as ice cream delirium can make me, the one thing on the menu that really caught my eye was their interpretation of a classic Float ($7). Instead of traditional rootbeer, a scoop or two of premium Madagascar vanilla was paired with OKC-branded orange soda and cream, creating a make-shift creamsicle.

It was…okay.

While the vanilla is impeccable, the orange soda was a little off. Next time I would go for a more traditional Root Beer float, Still, I drank it down.

For my final flavor, I went with the one featuring everyone’s favorite mayor in the whole fuckin’ world – David Holt – and his own ice cream flavor, Mayor Holt’s Medley ($9.00).

While, sadly, a hand-scooped cup wasn’t in the cards, a full pint of the sweet treat was available that I picked up in the freezer section.


The ice cream had, thank God, the outré flavoring of the somewhat tart-ish Amarena cherry sorbet and the very chill Madagascar vanilla swirl, in a decorative pint with Holt’s own caricature on the label.

While it seems like Holt’s running a race with Kiss to see who can get the most product endorsements, the ice cream had a great taste that truly necessitates the whole pint and then some. In homage to our mayor, I should have taken a selfie with a celebrity to honor the occasion, but sadly, none were to be found.

With my own endorsements down pat, I'll have to stop by Boom Town Creamery again and try more of their solid ice cream. From goat cheese flavors that make you question your life choices to a mayoral blend that's as bold and zany as city politics, it's an ice cream joint that throws the rulebook into the freezer and just goes for it.


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