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White Nationalist Enid Councilman Gets NBC News Treatment…

We have bad news for the (sane) people of Enid. The national media has visited your town for a story again.

Late in 2021, the NY Times stopped by and filed a report about how an obnoxious collective of Bible thumpers, Trump lovers, and other dry-humping Derplahoman yahoos who sell essential oils on the side worked together to overthrow the town’s local government.

Remember that?

Now, just over two years later, NBC News has plowed through the region's wheat fields to take a look at the crowning achievement of the Enid election-engineering efforts – the election of white nationalist Judd Blevins to the Enid City Council, and the effort of some townfolk to overthrow him. 

Wow. Who says the only time it’s good for Enid to make the news is when it’s an answer in the NY Times crossword puzzle?!

What a great, positive news story for the state and city, huh?

If white nationalists being elected to city council positions in Oklahoma doesn’t get big national businesses to move here, I don’t know what will!

For what it’s worth, we covered the election of Judd Blevins – and the effort by local citizens to extinguish his tiki torch – back in November when the awfully named “Enid Social Justice Committee” started organizing the recall effort. 

I wished them the best of luck, but also encouraged them to adopt some right-wing branding and misinformation tactics to help with their efforts:

The Enid Social Justice committee should take a page from the conservative playbook and call themselves “Moms for Super Liberty" or “Farmers for Christ.”

Also, instead of sharing photos of Blevins at the “Unite the Right” rally, they should instead pass around doctored photos of him holding an “I’m with HER” sign or Trans flag. 

That may seem disingenuous, but those are the sad lengths and efforts you have to go to get a white supremacist booted off the city council in a morally lost place like Enid…

I don’t know if the Enid Social Justice Committee followed my advice, but they should.

Thanks to the NBC News report, Blevins can now galvanize his friends, supporters, and other racists by saying he’s being unfairly targeted by the lamestream media, George Soros and all the Jews that he claims want to replace us!

Basically, he gets to make himself look like a victim, like when he claimed somebody who obviously wasn’t him cut his brake lines:

On Nov. 12, Blevins walked into the Enid Police Department and filed a report. The brake line on his silver pickup had been cut, he said, and he offered as suspects two members of the Enid Social Justice Committee, who have denied involvement. He typed up an account of his claims on city letterhead, blaming the attack on “far left wing fringe groups.”…

Enid Police never announced the results of the investigation into Blevins’ attempted murder claims. But in December, a month after it was opened, the police closed Blevins’ case. Members of the Enid Social Justice Committee were never interviewed. In his final report, obtained through an open records request, the investigating detective wrote that a review of hours of surveillance footage of Blevins’ truck around town showed no evidence of a crime. “The only person around the vehicle at any of the places is Judd,” the report said.

Geeze. I wonder which scoundrel cut the lines? It obviously couldn’t have been Judd. Like most racists who attend white nationalist rallies, he’s a man of character and can always be trusted. 

Well, that is unless you're asking him to admit to his white nationalist ties:

Behind closed doors, Enid Mayor David Mason said Blevins was more forthcoming...

In a private meeting in November with Blevins, the city manager and the city attorney, Mason asked: “Was that you in Charlottesville? Is that you in those photographs? Did you write all those hateful text messages?” 

“Yes,” Blevins said, according to Mason and the city attorney. 

“Are you still involved with those groups?” Mason asked.

“I don’t have to answer that question,” Blevins replied. 

“My thought,” Mason remembers, was, “You just did.”

Anyway, you can read the entire NBC News report here. For added giggles, they’re also going to air a report about it between pharmaceutical commercials on NBC News, because, you know, our state needs more great publicity.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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