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Creepy Politician Does Great Job Embarrassing Oklahoma on National Stage…

3:20 PM EST on February 7, 2024

Back in November of last year, we became the first media outlet in the world to warn everyone about Dusty Deevers – the ultra-right wing Derplahoman preacher lawmaker from Elgin who has introduced a wide variety of draconian, judgemental, privacy-violating, morally sanctimonious bills during Legipalooza 2024. 

Our article about Dusty was written when he was still just a candidate for public office and primarily focused on two things: His ultra-controlling, authoritarian desire to ban no-fault divorce in Oklahoma and, more importantly, a call for people in the Lawton area to check on the safety and welfare of his poor wife!

After winning his special election, Deevers arrived at the Capitol to make the morons who voted for him and – and the ones who didn’t vote at all – proud and introduced a batch of bills that professional right-wing attention-seekers like Nathan Dahm would even say are extreme. 

For example, in addition to trying to ban no-fault divorce, Deevers has introduced legislation that will outlaw pornography and – to the horror of the Oklahoma lawmakers who like to trap women in booths and show them porn – even prohibits sexting… 

Yep, the guy wants to ban divorce, pornography, and sexting outside marriage, which - knowing GOP politicians and their projection like we do - only means we can assume his wife likely caught him sexting homemade porn to somebody at church and now wants to divorce him over it.

“You texted an image of your penis to Mr. McGullie?! How dare you, Dusty! I’m getting a divorce!”

“Well see about that! I’m going to run for public office and ban divorce!”

“You better not!!!”

“Don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll ban porn and sexting, too. That way I won’t ever do it again. Now go make me a sandwich!”

Seriously, this guy has to be a super creep. I bet he has more skeletons in his closet than the Museum of Osteology!

Just like most Legipalooze bills, even Dusty has admitted that his proposals will likely never become law. I can see why. If there’s one bipartisan issue that unites Oklahoma politicians, it’s that they love watching porn and sexting legislative aids. 

More than likely, Dusty just introduced the proposals to fulfill his sick worldview fantasy, appease the moralist theocrats who voted for him, and, most importantly, stick it to the libs and sanes and turn Oklahoma into a national punch line. 

For example:

Question: If degenerates like Jimmy Fallon are going to make fun of our state and the insane lawmakers our degenerate voters and non-voters put in office, can't they at least make it funny?

Anyway, we’d like to congratulate Dusty Deevers for doing a great job embarrassing the Oklahoman people with his stupid, moralist antics.

It may be bad for our national reputation – and continue to dissuade people and “job creators” from ever wanting to move here – but it does provide a lot of outrage clicks. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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