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Tying the Knot, Tightly: State Senate Candidate not a fan of “No Fault” divorce

2:59 PM EST on November 28, 2023

Here in a few weeks, Lawton-area voters will go to the polls to elect a new State Senator for Senate District 32.

Their two choices are Larry Bush – a Democrat who played football for OU in the 1990s and owns a local insurance agency – and Dusty Deevers – a right-wing theocrat who has the public speaking skills, political beliefs, and nervous charisma of remedial reader hopped up on Adderall.

If that video doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about Deevers, check out this snippet from an interview where he attempts to defend his opposition to no-fault divorce:

That’s kind of crazy, but on a positive note, at least he didn’t call for the stoning of homosexuals!

Before we make fun of this married INCEL for his heated desire to make it more difficult for a trapped woman to get out of dead, loveless marriage with her domineering husband, can someone see if his wife is okay? In his next campaign ad, ask her to blink twice if she needs any help and/or a divorce attorney.

Going back to the interview clip above, I’d like to point out that the interviewer was correct – you can’t mandate morals.

Although simpletons like Deevers think laws are supposed to differentiate some moralistic “right” from “wrong,” their main purpose is to regulate behavior and maintain order in society.

Sure, they can promote behaviors that are generally considered moral (like giving people the freedom to seek a divorce for any reason) and discourage immoral acts (like forcing people to stay in marriages they don’t want to be in), but as Deever’s bizarre ideological beliefs show, they can't compel internal moral beliefs or convictions.

Basically, as the interviewer states, you can’t mandate morals.

Naturally, that doesn’t prevent Deevers from giving it the old bible college try.

In fact, the “most important issue” on his website is forcing his ultra-right-wing evangelical beliefs, morals, and values on everyone else…

Regardless of your religious beliefs, I think basing your entire governing philosophy on a snippet of text in an ancient religious book is a bit kooky and weird, but while we’re playing along, I’d like to point out that the Romans also equated resisting government authority to directly opposing what God has instituted.

On that note, I guess Deevers pissed in the face of God when he led efforts to oppose government mask mandates during the pandemic! Womp womp.

For the most part, Deevers's campaign page reads like the Little Mike’s Hamburgers menu – a right-wing dystopia of bizarre beliefs that, sadly, most rural Oklahomans believe in.

That being said, his stance on no-fault divorce is extreme even by right-wing Oklahoman standards! Say what you want about Evangelical hypocrisy, but Oklahomans of all religions, backgrounds, and genders love them some divorce:

It will be interesting to see if Deevers' backward views on divorce impact the election.

Since he has an “R” by his name, he’s obviously the favorite to win, but his opponent Bush does have some name recognition and, like most sane Oklahomans, believes people should be able to get a divorce for whatever reason they want. I doubt that will be enough to push Bush to victory, but it’s better than nothing.

Anyway, I guess we’ll wait a couple of weeks to see what transpires and/or if his wife blinks twice. In the meantime, stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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