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Claws of Courage? Cat Foils Cowardly Coyote Attack on Edmond Dog…

12:54 PM EST on January 4, 2024

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear flea collars.

Earlier this week, KFOR shared a riveting and touching story about Oakley – an Edmond-area pup who went outside to take a shit, only to be attacked by a pair of hungry and wiley coyotes named Ray and Ban who were hiding in the nearby crosstimbers.

Just when it looked like all hope was lost, a cat named Binx rushed forward to get his retractable claws in the slaughter, only to inadvertently scare away the coyotes, accidentally rescue Oakley, and become part of the ‘Aw shucks” 24/7 news cycle.

Here’s the video:

First of all, I guess this explains why dogs always look like paranoid weirdos when taking a dump. I always thought it was due to the awkward posture and shame of having to use the bathroom outside. It never occurred to me they’re worried about being attacked by predators!

Second, pardon the pun, but who knew coyotes were such pus… uhm... push overs. Yeah, that’s it.

Knowing cats and their stubborn selfishness as we do, it seemed pretty obvious to me that Binx wanted to help the coyotes finish off his petmate, and in the process, keep more treats around the house for himself.

KFOR and his owners, however, were out to spin a different narrative. They’re portraying Brinx as some hero who intentionally saved Oakley:


A dog is alive and wagging her tail, thanks to the family cat who scared off two attacking coyotes…

On November 30th, while the family’s two other big dogs were outside but out of camera view, Dyer said they let the 6-year-old Havanese dog outside to go to the bathroom.

“Out of nowhere [she] was attacked by a coyote,” said Dyer…

Thankfully, on the left side of the video Binx appears. She was not going to let this happen to her family in her backyard.

“[Binx} jumped down and scared them off, it was the craziest thing ever,” said Dyer.

That’s nice and everything, but what were the two big dogs doing during all this?! Does anyone else find it suspicious that they just happened to “be off camera” when the coyotes attacked?

Maybe I’ve watched the Godfather trilogy too many times, but if I were Oakley I wouldn't trust the other two dogs as far as I could throw them. He should look into hiring a private pet detective to make sure his packmates and the coyotes aren’t working together to rub him out, and I know exactly who he should call:

Anyway, according to KFOR, Oakley was injured after the attack but is going to survive and do fine. I guess this should serve as a warning to keep your pets safe and be very alert when taking a dump outside.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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