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Report: Markwayne Mullin desperately wants the world to think he’s a tough guy…

Say what you want about Marcuswayne Mullin. He keeps things interesting in the dumbest ways possible.  

Early today, Marcuswayne proved he’s the pure embodiment of the truck-drivin’, blue jean-wearin’, low IQ-havin’ Oklahoma good old boys who elected him, when he literally stood up and challenged Teamster President Sean O’Brien to a fight during a hearing in the Senate Octagon earlier today.

Check this out:

Wow! Mullin hasn’t stood up and sat down that fast since he shit his pants trying to confront January 6th rioters!

In case you forget, Mullin and O’Brien have been feuding since their first senate verbal spar-off back in the spring.

During that ruckus, the two argued and badgered each other with insults. Like everything today, the ruckus spilled over into social media.

Here’s the tweet O’Brien sent over the summer that led to Mullin’s outburst:

In all fairness to Mullin, I don’t blame him for trying to fight O’Brien with Bernie Sanders serving as the referee. Here are three reasons why:

1. Markwayne’s probably dreamed of fighting a union boss since he inherited his dad’s plumbing company decades ago. 

2. O’Brien did make fun of his height. That’s a surefire way to set off a testosterone-fueled little man who tries to overcompensate for his height challenges with faux toughness. 

3. O’Brien did say “anywhere, anytime,” and Mullin is a simpleton moron who probably interprets everything literally.

That being, I would like to point out to Markwayne that when you’re a former professional MMA fighter, challenging someone to a fight isn’t very brave. In fact, it’s kind of cowardly.

It would be like James Lankford challenging a pro-choice advocate to see who can plant the prettiest garden.

We get it, Markwayne!. You work out, enjoy MMA, and think you’re super smart. Basically, you’re like the Joe Rogan of US Senators. Lucky us. 

Plus, Markwayne had to know the fight would never materialize, and if it did, it would morph into an NBA brawl with everyone holding everybody back. The quick stand-up and sit-down call-out was nothing more than a chest-thumping display for the cameras to make the world think he's a tough guy. I hope nobody tells him it made him look like a moron instead.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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