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Marcuswayne Mullin confronts Union Boss during Senate hearing. Hilarity ensues.

9:28 AM EST on March 9, 2023

Back in November, Oklahoma voters kept alive our state’s long-running tradition of being represented by the dumbest Senator in DC when they elected Marcuswayne Mullin to replace Ole' Jim Inhofe. 

Although he’s yet to pull a stunt like Inhofe and throw a snowball on the Senate floor to conclusively prove that global warming is nothing more than a myth perpetuated by the world’s science community, he’s wasted no time in showing the rest of the world just how big of a dumbass he can be.  

This was on full display yesterday when Marcuswayne questioned Teamsters President Sean O’Brien – a Bostonite who looks like he was hired for the role straight out of central casting – during a Senate committee hearing on union-busting tactics, leading to a fun and feisty tough-guy back and forth that the silver-wrenched plumber from Derplahoma conclusively lost.

Mark kicked things off by reminding us he’s never quite learned how to say the word “employer,” and then proceeded to lied about his poor and humble upbringing, and all the financial challenges he faced inheriting his father’s successful plumbing business at the age of 20.

He then went on an anti-union rant and, in an effort to portray O’Brien as a greedy union leader who leaches a generous salary off the hundreds of thousands of people he represents, asked for the Union boss's salary. This question spawned a fun-to-watch verbal altercation that ended with O’Brien ultimately telling the Senator that unions “hold greedy CEOs like yourself accountable,”

Here’s the whole YouTube exchange if you haven’t seen it. Grab a cup of coffee or beer or joint and enjoy it:

That’s pretty cool. 

I think my favorite part of the video was when Mullen – a guy who just sold a stake in his plumbing business for at least $30-million or so – lied about only paying himself $50,000 a year in salary. 

That seems kind of low, you know, considering Mullen paid his own congressional salary through his own personal income taxes:

Granted, Marcuswayne Mullin lying is nothing new. Remember when he pledged only to serve three congressional terms?

Anyway, if you’re bored, I’d recommend you check out this YouTube video about the exchange that a Mole sent my way.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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