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Ryan Walters silent after abusive football coaches charged by OSBI…

10:25 AM EDT on October 18, 2023

Dating back to last spring, you may have noticed that whenever an Oklahoma athletic coach – or assistant principal who also served as a youth minister – is accused or charged with physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of an Oklahoma student, we generally note how Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters is quiet about the issue.

Obviously, we do this to point out Walters’ hypocrisy, double standard, and the extreme lack of consistency he shows when it comes to criticizing Oklahoma teachers, and how he’s more focused on using them as political pawns in culture wars than protecting students from actual harm and abuse.

For example, if a teacher does something innocuous that doesn’t affect a student – like sharing a QR code to an online library that has LGBTQ-friendly books or moonlighting as a drag queen on Sunday morning brunches at The Boom – Walters is quick to grab his torch, pitchfork, and tan SUV keys and lead the charge to revoke their teaching credentials and keep them from working in Oklahoma public schools.

But when a good old boy football coach who shares Ryan's backward values and antiquated views on discipline and toughness does something that harms students to the point of getting law enforcement involved, Ryan becomes full mute and ignores the issue like it never happened.

You know, kind of like how he hasn’t mentioned anything about two controversial Oklahoma football coaches – Jeff Myers from Kingfisher and Phillip Koons from Ringling – recently being charged by OSBI with a variety of crimes following an investigation into the coaches’ treatment of young, impressionable high school teenagers.

Instead of filming a video from his office supporting the students and vowing to keep abusive teachers who want to turn gyms and locker rooms into nude exercise facilities and glorified fight clubs, Ryan’s pledged to bring good old-fashioned discipline back to Oklahoma schools…

Interesting timing, huh? 

Just days before OSBI officially charged Coach Myers with “felony child neglect” and Coach Koons with “outraging public decency,” Walters made sure the Derplahomans knew he was focused on ensuring discipline in schools, a topic that the many supporters of Myers and Koons – there is an embarrassingly large number of them – would enthusiastically support. It’s almost like Ryan knew these charges were coming down the pike or something.

That could explain why as the charges were being announced, he was in the one spot in America that leaves people wondering “What goes on here?”

Check these pics out:

I’m actually surprised Ryan doesn’t spend more time in the Oklahoma panhandle. It’s the only spot in the state that rivals the vast open emptiness of his brain, so you’d think he’d feel comfortable there. 

Anyway, you can read more about the charges against Coach Myers and Coach Koons at News 9 or The Oklahoman

I have to admit, the charges against Coach Koons seem kind of light. You’d think the nut-grabbing coach who forced his teenage students to perform burpees in the nude would get a harsher charge than “outraging public decency,” but then again, most people in the Oklahoma law enforcement complex probably think the abused students are soft wussies simply overreacting to proper discipline. We should probably be thankful he got charged with anything at all.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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