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Southside Trailer Park Snake Still On The Run/Slide…

10:49 AM EDT on October 9, 2023

It's still not safe to venture outside at night at the Burntwood Trailer Park!

Okay, that’s probably never been a very safe thing to do, but you get what I’m saying.

Two weeks after becoming an international story, the location of El Snako – the giant 13-foot python that has been sliding around a southside trailer park for months, eating a healthy diet of possums, cats, and five-dollar foot-long rats on Italian herb and cheese – is currently unknown.

Here are details via Channel 4:

A nearly week-long delay has caused the location of a 13-foot albino trailer park cat-eating python in a South Oklahoma City trailer park to be unknown, according to the expert hired to catch it.

Trevor Bounds of Red Beards Wildlife Solutions was delayed in being hired by the management until Friday, so he said the snake has been lost again.

It’s been nearly two weeks since KFOR originally reported on the snake lost somewhere in the community of Burntwood mobile home park.

Park management had told residents that they were not to talk to media/news about the python problem. Despite fearing eviction, some residents did speak with KFOR and said that management had known about the snake since June but didn’t do anything about it.

First of all, I don’t know why the people in charge of the Burntwood Mobile Home Park – I hear the residents simply refer to the place as “Ash” – are being authoritarian lizards over this situation.

You’d think they’d appreciate the increased attention and publicity the story is generating for their park and try to capitalize on it. You know, maybe put up some signs out front that say “Slide In To Our October Move-In Specials” or “Free Snake + First Month's Rent!” or “Gym, Pool and Onsite Herpetarium!”

Instead, they’re being really secretive and weird about the thing. I bet they were simply happy to have a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly solution to the park’s feral cat and foot-long rat problems.

Outside of “Where the hell is this snake,” I guess the big question is, “How did it get here?”

I’m not a professional Pet Detective, but the first person I’d look into is Trevor Bounds of Red Beards Wildlife Solutions.

I think we’ve all watched enough episodes of Forensic Files to know that the person seeking media attention and/or trying to be labeled a hero following a crime is many times the prime suspect and culprit, and well, Trevor’s been getting a lot of publicity out of this.

Seriously, anyone else find it odd that he was so quick on the scene with infrared cameras, lasers, and billable invoices to find and catch the varmint? Outside of putting on a turban and trying to charm the snake out from the trailer with a pungi, it’s almost like he was a bit too prepared.

I also think it would be wise to question the people in charge of the now-defunct Oklahoma Venom and Reptile Museum.

It had to close its doors last year thanks to pesky regulations and, well, maybe they didn’t have the resources to care for their many, many, many large snakes and had to turn them loose?

Plus – let’s be honest – it’s kind of suspicious that they’re not offering to help locate and rehome the cat-killing python. Whenever a tornado would strike Tiger Safari in Tuttle, Joe Exotic would always be the first to call into the news channels and let them know he was driving up to help corral the feline beasts, but when a snake is terrorizing a southside trailer park, the reptile folks are being very quiet.

Weird stuff, huh?

Of course, those are just wild speculations built upon logic and very educated guesses. Who knows how the snake got there, and at this point, if it will ever be found.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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