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Oklahoma’s Slowest Manhunt Ends: Dozer The Tortoise Found Safe and Sound!

8:48 AM EDT on October 6, 2023

Before we embark on a quick little fall break to kick off Oklahoma’s three weeks of Autumn before, probably, an October ice storm swoops into the state knocking out my power for 11 days, I wanted to end this week on a very positive note for local reptiles.

After a long extension search in the Guthrie area by local law enforcement, the FBI, numerous volunteers, and even famed herpetoid medium Richard P. Scaley, Dozer the Tortoise has been found after days of being lost and alone in the Guthrie area, desperately searching for his home and/or lady tortoise to shack up with.

Yep, that’s tight!

While most of the local media – like Channel 4, Channel 5, Channel 9, Channel 25 and even us – were focused on a cat devouring python terrorizing a southside trailer park, Dozer – an 85-lb tortoise – was slowly roaming through the Lincoln County crosstimbers like a lost drifter looking for a score of meth.

But thanks to a hard-hitting report by David “Mackanov” Chasanov on Channel 25, the community rallied together, and Dozer was quickly found.

That’s a relief. Back in 2013, Lance “Danger” West’ filed a rock hard report at KFOR that documented Oklahoma motorists’ deranged fascination with running over helpless turtles, so I was worried Dozer’s days were numbered. I think I may write a short story of his account called "Waterloo Warrior: My Days Alone In The Oklahoma Wilderness."

Anyway, as opposed to multiple cats, rats and possums in south OKC, it’s nice to know Dozer's safe and doing well. We hope this positive and uplifting story put you in a good mood. Enjoy the weekend and we'll see you in Tuesday.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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