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Ryan Walters

Mr. Walters goes to Washington…

Highlights of the trip include Ryan lying to a House Committee and being fact checked by Fox News.

12:24 PM EDT on September 21, 2023

We’re sorry, America.

In an apparent effort to show the rest of the country just how dumb and unintelligent Oklahoma voters are, Ryan Langston-Walters and his new PR hack flew out to Washington DC this week to participate in a House Education Committee panel about the non-existent issue of Chinese propaganda being taught in American schools. 

Yep, that’s right! 

After being spurned by CPAC, Ryan Walters finally found a group in Washington DC crazy enough to give him a platform – Congress!

In case you need a refresher, Ryan’s packed up the library porn and drag queen glitter and gone full red scare over the past few weeks, spending his time spreading lies and misinformation about the Tulsa Public Schools District, claiming the district – at the behest of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and other Radical Leftists – is accepting money from the Chinese government as part of a covert mission to indoctrinate Oklahoma students with Communist propaganda.

Sadly, the truth isn’t nearly that fun or interesting. 

I guess what really happened is a teacher in the district participated in a Chinese language professional development program in Texas that had some connection to something called the Confucius Institute.

This innocuous fact spurred Ryan and the right-wing nut job machine to whip up a “ChInA’s TeAcHiNg CoMmUnIsM In OuR ScHoOls?!?” propaganda campaign and milk it for all its worth. 

With Washington DC being the “Milking China Controversy Capital of the World,” Ryan scored an invite to a House Committee meeting to discuss the made-up topic. Fittingly enough, the committee meeting was led by someone with an intelligence that’s on par with Ryan – Mr. Bean:

Wait. Wrong Mr. Bean. This Mr. Bean:

If you’re bored and want to get mad at some arrogant turd of a numbskull grandstanding on a manufactured controversy that the extreme elements of the GOP whipped up in an effort to score brownie points with their fellow nutjobs, you can watch it below.

Ryan appears around the 30-minute mark:

Before I continue, I would like to clarify that there are some very valid criticisms of the Confucius Institute – enough that there's even a "Criticisms of the Confucius Institute" Wikipedia entry. Of course, Tulsa Public Schools wasn't accepting money from the Confucius Institute, so it's a moot point, but in case you want more info, you can read about it there.

After Ryan accomplished his goal of creating enough soundbites for his next $22,000 Goebbels-inspired propaganda video, he waltzed over to Fox News to bask in the limelight. 

Sadly for Ryan, the Fox News venture didn’t go as planned. 

While receiving a smug gaze from the blonde Fox News lady head, Ryan spouted off clearly rehearsed talking points claiming it was “treasonous” for Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi to allow the Chinese government to infiltrate our school curriculum, which begs the question – If that were the case, wouldn't Oklahoma students be better at math and science?

After lying some more about Tulsa Public Schools allowing Chinese Confucius Classrooms into their schools, he actually received pushback from the Fox anchor.

She confronted him with a factual statement from the Tulsa Public Schools District, and to Ryan’s evident dismay, didn’t even let him respond!

Being the publicity hound he is, Ryan still shared and promoted the clip on Twitter.

Yep, Ryan Walters is so fucking crazy that even Fox News is fact-checking him, and pushing back on his yonker right-wing rhetoric. If that doesn’t get him elected Governor of Oklahoma in 2026, I’m not sure what else will. 

Anyway, now that Ryan’s apparently returned from his big trip, I guess it’s time to file an open records request to see what the cost was to taxpayers to go to DC and lie about Communist curriculum being taught in our public schools. We’ll let you know what we find out. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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