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The Bee’s Knees: Trying to Be (Somewhat) Healthy at Bee Healthy Cafe

Like some of you, I am always searching for the best nutritional food at the best price for lunch, but, in Oklahoma City…it’s kind of hard to find.

With many heathy-eating outlets partnering with clinics, hospitals and “healthplexs”—whatever Newspeak dictionary that is from—with my time, money, and nutritional info at the palm of my naturally-bent hand, I decided to try the Bee Healthy Café.

I've noticed the place from my frequent visits to OU Medical Center over the last couple of years, but for my inaugural trip, I stopped by the locations at 722 North Broadway Ave, Suite 100. The place seemed somewhat new, with the few customers plowing through their lunch-breaks of smoothies, salads, and wraps.

Next to me, a frail woman tried to eat her large wrap in peace, but the abrasive nature of some kids sharing a peanut butter sandwich was an extraordinary distraction. On the defensive, I looked over the menu and tried to find the most heroically heathy entrée I could find.

I came across something that appeared on the bastion of tasty and smart: Vegan Tofudilla Melt ($8.99).

Featuring oven-baked tofu, vegan smoked gouda, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and vegan chipotle mayo, on a grilled wheat tortilla, it looked pretty good, although it was kind of small. Either way, I tried the wrap and to my surprise, I kind of liked it.

The tofu and smoked gouda made me forget the wrap was meatless, and was very in tune with the vegetables' more spicy takes. The highlight was the vegan chipotle mayo, which worked as a glue to bind the wrap in true harmony. I would definitely try this again.

Bee Healthy also has surprising smoothies that are comparable to other corporate drinks that are quite very fruity, starting with the limited-time Green Bee Smoothie ($6.99). They combine sweet things like mangos, peaches, banana, cinnamon, and honey with, apparently, big bales of spinach on tap.

While it was alright, my pop-cultural fandom was stoked on the Elvis Smoothie ($6.99), and this not to be returned to sender!

With peanut butter, banana, milk, chocolate whey protein, and sweet-baby honey, it might not as heathy as others, but it was downright delicious, leaving me all shook up. Uh-huh.

As I was nibbling on my wrap and scarfing my smoothie, my girlfriend tried the Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl ($8.99). With scads of romaine lettuce and grilled chicken, it featured feta, tomatoes, black olives, and zingy basil pesto.

To be fair, I liked it…but she didn’t.

But, instead of throwing the salad away, I finished it, my belly bursting with nutrition and vitamins and enough stamina to take on the rest of my day. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Bee Healthy Cafes are scattered all across OKC, from stand-alone shops to office tower delis to even the State Capitol. It's quick, convenient, and – unless you're not a fan of Quinoa Bowls – totally beats the salt and fat-loaded fast food meals that can wreck a diet and your innards.


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