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Carly Atchison enjoying new gig…

It’s been a little over three months since Carly Atchison packed up her things underneath the N. Lincoln overpass and went to work for Ron Desantis, and it looks like she’s enjoying her new gig. 

Earlier this week, Stitt’s former She-Troll appeared on Newsmax to stump for her new boss. It was a rare television sighting for Carly, as she usually hides in the dark crevices of social media to sew her propaganda and misinformation. 

Check this out:

For someone who probably hasn’t seen light in a while, that wasn’t too bad. Sure, she was obviously nervous and needed to take a valium or two, but to her credit, she was able to spit out every talking point as fast as possible before they went to a commercial break. Job well done!

Watching the video made me realize two things…

1. Until this Newsmax appearance, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Carly speak! I always assume she verbally communicated using a crude system of growls and grunts!

2. I kind of miss Stitt’s old She Troll!

When Carly was in charge of Stitt’s communications, there was never a dull day at the Governor’s Office. She was always hard at work spewing propaganda, picking fights with the local media, and making sure her boss was saying all the right things to stick to the libs.

Since Carly left, though, things have sadly gotten a bit boring in Stittland. Her replacement – Abegail Cave from Wyoming – has the same online feistiness and toxicity as a pack of saltines in the church pantry. 

I looked through Abegail’s snoozefest of a Txitter account. This is the spiciest take she had. It generated 1 repost and 1 like:

Yeah, that’s about as spicy as a pack of Taco Bell Mild Sauce. If Carly was responding to the tweets, she would have connected Hoskin to Joe Biden, and then made some snide jokes about his family or culture to get as many likes, RTS and responses as possible.

For the sake of the local media, Abegail really needs to step up her game. Otherwise, who are we all going to cover after Ryan Walters is indicted?

Anyway, I’d like to congratulate Carly on the TV stuff and encourage her to do more of it. Sure, she may have lacked polish, but so did Ryan when he first started talking on camera. She has nowhere to go but up!

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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