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TLO Restaurant Review: Taco Boy Taqueria

10:55 AM EDT on August 8, 2023

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Taco Boy!

I recently managed to get down to Taco Boy Taqueria, 401 N. Rangeline St., in my stomping grounds of Tecumseh.

Looking like a refurbished gas station, I was thinking the spot would be an adequate mid-level stereotypical Mexican restaurant but was surprised to learn it's a full-blown taqueria, with an outside area lined with tables, chairs, and other surrounding paraphernalia.

Inside, the place was buzzing with customers – from city workers plunging into basic tacos to scads of schoolgirls sharing a bowl of dip – all surrounded by a well-balanced décor of colorful tablecloths, vibrant decorations, and rustic tin.

As I scored a table by the window, the owner—at least I think it was the owner—was extremely nice and pleasant. Throughout my lunch, he told me how grateful he was for the business and would ask how I was doing.


I started my lunch with the Angus Dip ($7.25) – a mix of white queso and Angus beef put together the way God intended. Spicy and comforting, it was more than adequate as the trembling, cheese-covered tortilla chips moved into my mouth. Well done, I say!

After a few more dips in the shallow pool of queso, my entree arrived – the Quesabirria Plate ($14.75), a trio of brisket and birria filled tacos that were fried and plated with the best intentions.

With rice and beans as a side, the Quesabirria was truly remarkable. Packed with an enchanting combination of old-fashioned birria and new-wave brisket it was a grand feast, with a flow meaty runoff dowsing my plate with each and every bite. I wanted to save one taco for dinner that night, but couldn't resist the urge to finish it all there, leaving nothing but a happy plate as a remnant of a fantastic meal.

After a few more words of thanks from the owner, I paid my bill and walked out with a bottle of Mexican soda in my left hand. Although it’s more out of the way in a place like Tecumseh, like the best heroes of yore, Taco Boy Taqueria is more than super enough for my own needs. Cómpralo ya!


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