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Kevin Stitt unveils new rights for Oklahoma women…

It’s a great time to be a woman in the worst state in America for women

In what’s obviously a veiled effort to woo Carly Atchison back to Oklahoma, Governor Kevin Stitt announced Tuesday he had signed “The Women’s Bill of Rights” – a landmark executive order that will expand and protect women's rights in Oklahoma by discriminating against transgendered Oklahomas. 

Via Stitt’s Communications Team:

Today Governor Kevin Stitt led the nation as the first governor to issue an executive order to boldly stand with women — defining sex-based words like ‘female,’ ‘woman,’ and ‘mother’ and protecting women-only spaces. Joining the governor in today’s signing ceremony was Independent Women’s Voice, the group that developed the model legislation that inspired the Women’s Bill or Rights Executive Order.

Yep, it’s official! 

After 100 or so years of experiencing repressed wages, high rates of domestic violence, limited body autonomy, mass incarceration, and other forms of systematic oppression, the Oklahoma government is finally looking out for women by clearly defining what it is to be a woman. 

What a time to be alive, huh?

According to the AP, this is what Stitt’s order will accomplish:

In addition to requiring state agencies and boards to define the words “female” and “male” to correspond with the person’s sex assigned at birth, the executive order also includes definitions for the words “man,” “boy,” “woman,” “girl,” “father” and “mother.” The order specifically defines a female as a “person whose biological reproductive system is designed to produce ova” and a male as a “person whose biological reproductive system is designed to fertilize the ova of a female.”

It also directs schools and other state agencies to use these definitions when collecting vital statistics and further directs schools to provide dedicated restrooms and locker room facilities for boys and girls, respectively.

Hey ladies – or should I call you “ova producers” – how’s it feel to finally have your own dedicated bathrooms? Pretty good, huh? Now go make me a sandwich! 

Here’s what Stitt said about the order:

“I am taking decisive executive action to ensure the true definition of the word woman, meaning a biological woman, is what guides the state as we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring the safety, dignity, and sanctity of women across Oklahoma. As long as I’m governor, we will continue to protect women and ensure women-only spaces are reserved solely for biological women.”

Yep, Kevin Stitt is always going to protect women. Well, unless your life is in danger due to a pregnancy. Then you’re on your own. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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