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Oklahoma named Top 10 State for Women Killed by Men

Someone may want to inform that Senate committee we found another reason “Woke” corporations may not want to move to Oklahoma. 

On Monday, enthusiastic KOCO reporter Meghan Mosley grabbed her whiteboard to let people know that Oklahoma ranks third in the country for women killed by men

The only problem is that it looks like we’re actually one spot higher – second! 

More women are killed by men in Oklahoma than in almost any other state.


Per capita, Oklahoma has the third highest rate of that particular crime. Oklahoma City police said two more women were killed by their current or former domestic partners over the weekend.


Palomar told KOCO 5 Oklahoma went from eighth in the nation to second for women killed by men.

Whether Oklahoma is ranked second or third for women killed by men, I think we can all agree this news isn’t surprising. If there’s a negative ranking out there that states don’t want to be associated with, there’s a great chance Oklahoma will make the Top 10.

Plus, I think we can all agree that crazy men murdering people, especially women, is way too common in Oklahoma.

Hell, just this past weekend, I was taking my dogs to the neighborhood park for a little walk only to see police cars blocking off access because some lunatic in the area murdered his ex-girlfriend and then barricaded himself in his home with her body. It’s a terrible story that you can read about here.

I did some Googling to find out whether Oklahoma was second or third in this dubious ranking, and to see which nutty state or states topped us. I found this in a “2022 Violence Policy Center: When Men Murder Women Report:”

Yep, based on 2020 data, only women in Alaska are more likely to be killed by a man than those in Oklahoma. As Kevin Stitt would say, “Imagine That!”

Unfortunately, I have some bad news for our backwoods friends in the Kodiak. Thanks to the hard work of Governor Kevin Stitt and the Oklahoma legislature to bar red flags law and make guns more accessible to violent men who have no business owning a gun, we’re coming for you like a starved grizzly on the hunt.

Anyway, if you’re curious – or work for a multinational corporation and are looking for an excuse for your company not to relocate to Oklahoma  – you can take a more detailed look at Oklahoma’s men murdering women stats here

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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