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Macho Marcuswayne Mullin Challenges Union Boss to MMA Showdown…

10:41 AM EDT on June 27, 2023

Last week, Macho Marcuswayne Mullin – our state’s overly-masculine and beefy Junior Senator from the heart of Derplahoma – took the opportunity to, once again, showcase his stupidity during a Senate committee hearing.

This time around, instead of exclaiming that he doesn’t care about reality, he A) reminded us that he still can’t pronounce the word “employers” (a.k.a. implorrs) and B) intentionally referred to his verbal sparring buddy – Teamsters’s boss Sean O’Brien – by the very incorrect name of “O’Malley.”

The dig didn’t sit too well with O’Brien. He embraced the short-fused Irish union boss trope and went after Marcuswayne on Twitter.

First of all, it is neat that the rest of the country is seeing what about 35% of Oklahomans already knew – MarcusWayne is a moron. Granted, I think being a moron is a requirement to be elected Senator in Oklahoma, so nobody should be surprised by this non-revelation, but it’s still neat.

If you watch the video, you can hear Marcuswayne nearly call O’Brien by his correct name, but quickly catch himself and go with what feels like a pre-planned dig.

If so, that’s lame. If you’re going to mock someone’s ancestral Irish heritage by calling them O’Malley, at least go all out and speak in a Lucky Charm’s mascot voice and also give them a stereotypical first name like Fergus, Conor or Patrick.

O’Brien would fire off more tweets in MarcusWayne’s direction, mocking his vertically-challenged stature and calling out our state’s shitty wages:

Hey O’Malley or O’Brien or whatever – things are bad enough in Oklahoma already. The last thing we need is for MarcusWayne to start working for us. Keep him in DC – or his mansion in Florida – please.

Although it took a while, I guess O’Brien's tweets finally got MarcusWayne’s exploitative attention. Five days after they were sent, MarcusWayne responded by challenging O’Brien to an MMA fight. You know, because that’s the smart way to settle a political debate regarding unions and wages.

Uhm, does Marcus think this challenge makes him look cool and brave? I bet he does, primarily because it doesn’t.

At last check, Marcus has been participating in MMA for over a decade, and even has a handful of “professional” fights on his resume.

Check this out:

Yep, Marcus fought three MMA fights in the mid-aughts. I guess in his book that makes him a "former professional athlete"…

I’m not a good ole boy with a pair of truck nuts hanging from the back of my F-350, but if you ask me, it’s pretty weak sauce to challenge someone to compete against you in a combat sport that you once competed in professionally. It would be like James Lankford challenging someone to a gardening competition.

Plus, it’s even weaker to give yourself a home octagon advantage!

Seriously, why’s the match have to be in Tulsa on September 30th? What if O'Brien has a local union election to rig that day and can't make it? If I was O’Brien, I’d suggest a venue in an abandoned warehouse near the docks in Boston. You know, a place where, historically speaking, a lot of union business has been conducted over the years.

Although O’Brien hasn’t responded to the tweet, it has got the attention of other masculine morons. For example:

Yep, old Ryan Langston-Walters is trying to get some attention out of the deal. As a result, I challenged him to our own bruhaha.

I’ll let you know when or if Ryan responds.

In the meantime, we’ll be closely following O’Brien’s Twitter account to see if he accepts the offer. He only has two days to respond, so the clock is ticking.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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