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Ryan Walters unveils new Oberdick…

In recent months, there’s been a lot of focus on the mass exodus of employees – both forced and voluntary – from the Oklahoma State Department of Education. 

You know, good, hard-working people like Stormie Honeysuckle, the event manager who was sacked after Ryan stumbled and bumbled his way through the Oklahoma Teacher of the Year ceremony; Terri Grissom, the grant writer who resigned once she realized OSDE was no longer applying for federal grants; or any of the other long time, well-respected employees who fled the agency under their own volition, or after being bamboozled by Ryan Langston-Walters secret mission to entrap agency email leakers

That being said, we haven’t heard a bunch about the new recruits Ryan Langston-Walters has brought on board in his effort to privatize and destroy public education in Oklahoma. 

You know, people like Matt Oberdick – the agency’s new Director of External Relations. Here’s his pic:

I have a feeling Matt Oberdick is going to do a great job as Ryan’s “Director of External Relations.”

He has no public education experience, is a former youth minister, and is a member of various public school privatization groups on Facebook. Plus, he has the word “Dick” in his name. I imagine that sealed the deal! 

"Who are we interviewing next?"

"Mr. Oberdick, sir."

"Heheh-aha that's funny! Hire him!"

Of course, I should clarify that I’m not 100% sure what the job duties of a “Director of External Relations” entail.

I assume Matt’s primary responsibility will be to venture out deep into Derplahoma, spreading lies, misinformation, and culture war propaganda, all in an effort to fire up rural Evangelical rubes troops, and further advance Walter’s agenda to privatize and destroy public education. 

Well, at least that’s the logical assumption I made based on a flyer that’s been making the rounds on social media. 

Apparently, the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association is bringing Matt out to Ponca City to talk about the woke culture war mess Ryan inherited from Joy Hofmeister, and why you shouldn’t believe any pesky “Mainstream” media coverage about the agency.

Check this out:

Yeah. That’s real. Some sick twisted person really used that gross and disgusting 1998 MS Word drop shadow effect in a flyer!? I know I’m not a right-wing bigot, but I’d be way more concerned about that than what library books kids read or where they go to the bathroom. Seriously, have these gun-nut freaks not heard of Canva, or is that too woke for their brain? 

I guess the other news is that the Oklahoma State Department of Education is sending staffers to 2nd Amendment rallies to spread lies, distorted rhetoric, and other forms of propaganda to a willing and eager choir. 

I googled the group's Ponca City chapter to see what's it like and this is the first image that popped up:

Well, I guess that's how you make an American quilt!

Normally, it would be shocking for OSDE to send a representative to speak to fringe gun nut group, but we're obviously not in normal times. At least “Everyone is welcome," so if you’re a drag queen, I’d encourage you to check it out. 

Anyway, we’d like to wish Oberdick a big friendly welcome and wish him the best of luck in his WWJD efforts to help destroy Oklahoma public education from the inside. If he ever hits up the Habor Mountain Coffee Shop in McAlester during his barnstorming tour, he should let us know so we can help promote it. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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