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Ringling’s Coach Koons is back in the locker room!

1:59 PM EDT on June 7, 2023

Although summer break is in full swing across the state, some teachers and administrators are already hard at work preparing for the next school year. 

You know, people like Ringling High School football coach and principal Philip Koons.

Even though he was placed on administrative leave back in the spring and was the focus of an OSBI investigation related to claims that he verbally abused, bullied and humiliated students – and did things like force them to do nude burpies – he’s back inside the school’s locker room influencing and mentoring our youth. 

Well, at least he is according to this Snapchat screenshot or whatever that a student shared following something called The Devils Den. We acquired it via The Ogle Mole Network:


I do know and understand that anti-woke masculine jock culture embraces communal locker room nudity, and many athletes consider hanging out in the locker room with their nude and semi-nude teammates and coaches after a game or practice an irreplaceable right of athletic passage that builds teamwork and togetherness and forges a brotherhood amongst men.

Well, at least that’s what I've gathered over the years from hearing Regular Jim Traber's homoerotic tales about drinking beer with Cal Ripken in his underwear in the Orioles clubhouse back in the 1980s. 

All that being said...

When you’re a middle-aged football coach who’s been accused in the past of exposing yourself to players, and has recently been under OSBI investigation following accusations that you forced some players you didn’t like to exercise naked, shouldn’t you maybe avoid taking selfies with shirtless high school boys in the locker room?

Once again, I know that rural Oklahoma football culture is unique and operates under a different set of double standards that allows tough guys to get away with exhibiting lurid, disturbing behavior that would get anyone else in serious trouble, but for the sake of optics, at least ask the kid to put a shirt on!

On the topic of that OSBI investigation, I guess it’s finally complete.

According to news reports, OSBI has forwarded their findings to the Jefferson County DA where, I assume, it will gather dust like an old football in the Ringling High School trophy case:. 

I have no clue what OSBI’s investigation found or uncovered, but as we pointed out a few weeks ago, Coach Koons appears to have the Oklahoma good ole’ boy network in his corner.

They’re all tough-guy types who grew up in the masculine football culture I described above, and likely think that humiliating "weak" teens and forcing them to exercise naked builds toughness and character as opposed to causing psychological problems, so I’d honestly be surprised if charges are filed and Koons is held accountable.

More than likely, he’ll stay on board and guide Ringling to another small-class football championship or two, and then – just like his stops at Tuttle and Clinton – finally cross one last line and get fired.

At that point, he’ll be forced to go another school and build it into a football power by forcing students to exercise naked. Or something like that.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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