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Dude on Tiny Motorcycle Sparks Surprisingly Reasonable Road Rage from OKC Cop and Motorist…

Yesterday afternoon, some guy who doesn't know how to drive a motorcycle shared a video on TikTok of him triggering some dude in a white truck into a brief bout of road rage.

I guess the incident happened in front of a cop, which caused the dude who doesn't know how to drive a motorcycle to whine and complain to the cop, which prompted the cop to shoot the bird to the guy who doesn't know how to drive a motorcycle because, well, have we mentioned the dude doesn't know how to drive a motorcycle?

The video has been viewed millions of times, generating the typical online barrage of anti-cop outrage, and getting enough local media attention for OKCPD to release a statement saying they're "looking into it."

Check it out below. If you have high blood pressure, and stupid decisions by motorists trigger you, I'd advise you to watch with caution.


Full video of @okcpd @okcpdofficial finest officers at work. This was my first time having a backpack, so I had a few difficulties on the hill and stalled the bike. #motovlog #motorcycle #ktm690smcr #ktm #bikesoftiktok #copsoftiktok #supermoto #fyp

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Yeah, that was painful to watch. In a perfect world, a giant eagle would have swooped down and taken a giant shit on the cop, pick-up driver, and the dude on the bike, but, alas, this world is far from perfect.

That being said, I guess we should thank the guy on the motorcycle for achieving the rare feat of making an asshole cop and hothead pickup driver who ran a stop sign sympathetic figures. That's difficult to do!

Seriously, I know bad drivers are drawn to Oklahoma roads like moths to a lightbulb, but what was he doing?!

If you're new to motorcycling and can't make it over a hill with a "backpack" without stalling out, maybe you should stick to driving your little moped around grandma's neighborhood. Seriously, who turns the bike off with the key and turns it back on to restart it? You also don't need the passenger to get off to restart the bike. I know this because, uhm, I asked a friend who owns a Harley.

Here's what else my friend said:

Only a fool would learn how to ride with a passenger. Anyone with half a brain knows you should be 100% comfortable with your machine before bringing a passenger onboard and endangering their life. I rode 1,000 miles in every condition before I let my wife ride on the back.

Out of the three people involved, I actually empathize with the dude in the white truck the most.

I bet he just finished up a long day laying tile, was in a hurry to get to Twin Peaks to see some waitress with neck tatoos, and then got stuck behind some House of Kawasaki weirdo who obviously can't drive a bike. I know it's not an excuse to lose your cool and run a stop sign, but I think we've all been there before, especially while driving down N. May Ave. at rush hour.

Also, I'm going to reserve my judgment on the cop.

Should he be flipping off motorists? No. Did some asshole in a white truck dude blatantly run a stop sign in front of him? Yes. But... the video seems conveniently cut and edited. For all we know, maybe the dude who shouldn't have been out cruising around on a motorcycle with a passenger deserved two middle fingers.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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