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Ryan Walters gives indoctrinating speech at Oklahoma FFA Expo

Although his quest to take the stage at CPAC failed miserably, it looks like Ryan Lanston-Walters finally found a group that will accept him!

Early this week, Ryan spoke at the big Oklahoma FFA Expo and Convention in Tulsa – a huge two-day event where thousands of primarily rural public students, parents, and teachers from all over the state gather to dole-out blue ribbons, attend workshops, and rub elbows with representatives from universities and agriculturally-focused businesses. 

Here’s his tweet about it:

We located the speech from the now curiously offline FFA website, and – never turning down an opportunity to both preach to the choir and indoctrinate vulnerable Oklahoma youth with his extremist right-wing beliefs – Ryan didn’t disappoint. 

After a few minutes of mumbling some uninspiring, middle-school level ramblings about hard work and leadership, he threw in a few politicized zingers about President Biden, pledged to fight political correctness, and then – just for the Hell of it – proselytized to the captive audience his beliefs about God because he lives in Oklahoma and that's apparently okay.

Check out the full speech below:

If you ask me, the best part was the applause Ryan received when he – a man who’s actively working to defund rural Oklahoma public schools – trolled Joe Biden and told the rural dominant crowd that God created them all “unique.”

If that doesn’t summarize the rural Oklahoma voter mindset, I don’t know what does. 

Seriously, who gives a flip that Ryan’s working with other members of the GOP to sabotage Oklahoma public schools by shifting funding into the hands of charter school grifters, wealthy elites, and homeschool moms who make their own soap?

As long as he also hates Joe Biden and allegedly believes in the same God, rural voters are happy to vote for him and bring upon their own demise, which, of course, they can then blame on Joe Biden after praying for God to save them.

Although his speech hit the typical Ryan Walters talking points, he curiously didn’t speak about his efforts to take on diversity and inclusion programs. That’s kind of odd considering the FFA is brainwashing kids with those terrible values:

Who knows? Maybe Ryan will share a rant about that from his SUV later today.

Anyway, I would suggest you go to the Oklahoma FFA website to learn more about the great stuff this organization does for Oklahoma students when they’re not getting indoctrinated by right-wing radicals who, with the support and backing of the ruling class, weaseled their way into public office, but as of publication time, its website is curiously offline.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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