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Ada man uses litter of pit bull puppies to make car down payment…

Earlier this week, the Ada location for America’s CarMart – a used car dealership group with over 150 locations across the country – shared a photo on Facebook of a recent car buyer posing with the new pre-owned vehicle that he’ll likely be paying off for the next seven years at 20% interest. 

For the most part, it was the standard car dealership customer social media photo. It included the buyer, the salesperson, and the buyer’s brother – the person who referred him to the dealership – all happily posing in front of the vehicle.

It also included the litter of pit bull puppies the man used to pay his down payment.

Wait. What?

Listen, I’m not a fan of telling people what they should do with their own money and/or things of monetary value, but if the only down payment you can afford to pay is a litter of pit bulls, something tells me you should probably try saving a little more cash before making the purchase. 

Then again, based on some of the prices I’m seeing on this page, maybe it’s not a bad plan?

The Facebook post apparently went viral across the Interwebs, and either due to public shame, ridicule, or legions of rural Oklahomans showing up at the dealership with litters of puppies to trade-in for new cars, the dealership removed the post.

That being said, I do have a couple of follow-up questions.

1. Does this mean you can use any type of living thing for a used car down payment? For example, what about a fish, snake, or even a small child?

2. What did they do with the dogs? Did the dealership turn around and sell them in a Walmart parking lot, send them to a dog fighting training facility, or simply release them in the country where they'll wreak havoc for a month before being caught and euthanized? We need answers.

Whatever the answer is, let’s hope the puppies all find good homes and don’t end up as part of some sad animal story on KFOR, or even worse, traded for an RV in a couple of years. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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