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Northern Lights visited Oklahoma and you missed it, Loser.

Regardless of which online echo chamber you call home, one of the few things most Oklahomans can agree on is that they’d like to see the Northern Lights at one point in their short miserable life without visiting Canada or Alaska.

Well, last night the Aurora Borealis zipped its way down for a rare bucket list visit to the Sooner state, and – if you’re anything like me – you totally missed it, loser. 

Yep. that’s right. One of your biggest bucket list items happened on a clear, beautiful night in the state you call home, and you missed it while curled up on your couch watching Succession and dealing with the Sunday Scaries. 

What a pathetic loser you are. 

Some people literally travel thousands of miles to see swirling colors dancing across the night sky like a giant hallucinatory vision quest, and you could have done it with just a quick drive up Northwest Expressway to Eichens Chicken, but nope, here you are on Monday morning, looking at social media photos that don’t come anywhere close to capturing the translucent glowing magic of experiencing the night’s sky lighting up like the Pink Floyd laser spectacular.

But don’t beat yourself up too much for missing the northern lights.

Even people like me who follow Oklahoma news and weather for a living were not informed by social media algorithms that there was a chance we could see the aurora borealis from just outside the metro until we woke up this morning.

It makes you wonder if there should be a silver alert-style iPhone emergency alert notification system to warn us for the next rare moment you can see the northern lights. That's one we'd actually pay attention to.

Anyway, until the next time the northern lights visit Oklahoma and you have no clue until the following morning when your social media timeline is packed full of photos of the event, stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised, loser.

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