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In Search of Snosquatch Shaved Ice and Other Frozen Mysteries…

Much like the scientists in Jurassic Park, I was contacted by the proprietors of Snosquatch Shaved Ice, the world’s only shaved ice specially designed for famed cryptozoologists, with a modest proposal: try our shaved ice.

Okay, it wasn’t that dramatic. I wasn't whisked away to a mysterious island in the Pacific Northwest – or somewhere near Broken Bow – and their flavors aren't extracted out of prehistoric amber, but I had my own hairy situation—my infamous stroke—and I was out of the frozen treat game for a few chilly months.

But I told them when I was back on my regular-sized feet again, I would try a frosty treat or two. And, well, I'm back!

After hibernating for a bitter winter harvest, Snosquatch has returned with a new location—626 Main in Noblejust in time for Oklahoma bigfoot hunting season and with more cool treats than ever before. Whether they are Skunk-apes, Yowies, Almas, or misidentified black bears, there is a cold cup of unexplained phenomena waiting for you here.

I came down early in the week, with their next-biggest 16oz. sizes (“Daddy Squatch,” in case you’re interested) in tow, I picked four of their wonderful creations for the warmer spring and summer mothers.

The Yeti and The Bigfoot


From the true great white north—I am guessing Harrah—this appropriately full-of-flavor Yeti appears, with a big lemony-lime outline on his monstrous lips. With very acidic citrus syrup and an appropriate puckered popsicle, this tropical taste belies its very Yeti origin. And don’t forget the optional salt!


Like the sweetest dream I ever had in shaved ice form, this hair-arousing strawberry flavor is piled with the creamiest sweet cream around, just begging to be shot dead in southeastern Oklahoma. With an embedded strawberry popsicle on the side, I fully adored this juicy flavor that dares to bite back.

Squatchberry Cheese Cake and Senor Squatch

Squatchberry Cheese Cake

Here we have strawberry syrup and strawberry sweet cream, with whipped cream and best of all, strawberry cookie crumbles, making it one of the most fastidious desserts around! With the simple cake-like texture of dripping sweets and abounding flavor, it is almost like an actual strawberry cheesecake. Deliriously delicious!

Senor Squatch

With a bit of mango syrup, a bit of little Tajin seasoning, and a dedicated straw covered in the hot and salted Tamarind coating, I believe this might be the frozen treat of 2023. With its Mexican origins in the raspas department, the brilliant taste of heat and sweet make this my own sueño de hielo for my trip back to the Snosquatch truck.


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