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JoBeth Hamon supporters ratio Madison Horn for extremist endorsement of Marek Cornett…

Based on name recognition, social media visibility, and people-I’ve-met-in-person standards, one of the most interesting battles brewing in next month’s Oklahoma City Council election is the race for Ward 6.

Featuring incumbent JoBeth Hamon – a bike-riding socialist progressive who once told me on The Lost Ogle Show that she doesn’t care about neighborhood property values – and challenger Marek Cornett – a baby-producing social media guru who once played pocket aces so poorly against me in a poker tournament that it led to me taking home a championship bracelet – the race pits two friendly, smart and ideologically different women who are crazy enough to want to serve in public office against each other. 

Anyway, I guess the race got the attention of another friendly, smart woman who for some reason wants to serve in politics – extremist ultra-moderate political centrist Madison Horn. 

Another Lost Ogle Show guest, Madison ran against James Lankford on the Democratic ticket for US senate in 2022. I guess she thinks her name still carries some clout, so she fired off a tweet last week endorsing Marek in the election…

The endorsement, and especially Madison’s use of the word “extremism,” triggered the couple hundred or so people who make up the OKC left-wing progressive Twitter-sphere. 

These folks – who are all for acceptance and inclusion unless you share an opinion they don’t agree with – quickly went on the digital attack, bombarding Madison with over 100 hundred angry responses. Some demanded answers for making such a terrible e-word accusation, while others wished they could take their Senate votes back.

For example:

Although a good chunk of her socialist political ideologies land far outside the Oklahoma mainstream, I do think connecting JoBeth with political “extremism” is a bit of a reach and a lazy take.

That being said, I'm willing to give Madison a pass. She did just run for US Senate against James Lanford, and leaning on the word "extremism" was a key part of her election strategy...

Those are just three of the 20+ tweets Madison has sent about extremism. For what it’s worth, the local social media police didn’t seem to have a problem with any of them.

Another thing that really grinded the gears of the local Twitterati was that Marek dared retweet the endorsement that came from the Democratic nominee for US Senate.

Sports journalist turned certified pickleball instructor Andrew Gilman fired off this hot take about it:

Andrew has a point.

I checked Marek’s Twitter profile and, sure enough, it doesn’t include the obligatory “Retweets do not equal endorsements” disclaimer in the bio, so she’s definitely guilty of endorsing an endorsement that included a hideous and heinous attack on a public official – one that was so debilitating and harmful that a traumatized JoBeth Hamon was able to have fun with it the next day…

In case you care, I’m biased but neutral in the Ward 6 race. 

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve met JoBeth Hamon when Marisa and I interviewed her on The Lost Ogle Show back at the dawn of the pandemic. We have a lot of mutual friends. Although I think some of her more socialistic views are a bit out there, she’s friendly, a solid councilwoman, and outside of the fact she couldn’t win the Ms. Oregon pageant, I don’t have any problems with her.

I’ve also known Marek Cornett for about 12 years or so. She’s a friend and literally one of the nicest people that I know. Although she’s probably more aligned with the Chamber of Commerce types than I am, I think she’d make a great councilwoman and represent our city well. Outside of her extremely questionable poker skills, I don’t have any problems with her either. 

Basically, whether you’re a left-wing bike-riding social media extremist or radical centrist who leans too heavily on the word “extremism” when tweeting endorsements, Ward 6 voters are lucky to have two nice, well-qualified women to choose from to represent them.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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