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Ryan Martinez named “Legislator of the Year” by State Chamber…

Maybe Governor Stitt will now answer his phone calls?

We’d like to send a big congratulations to State Rep. Ryan Martinez!

Fresh off his October DUI arrest (his second) where he asked the Edmond PD to call his pal Governor Stitt, the Oklahoma State Chamber recently honored the booze hound as one of their “Oklahoma Legislators of the Year” at the organization’s annual Public Affairs Forum.

Martinez, along with five other lawmakers, received the award for “going above and beyond to move our state's business community forward,” and, presumably, his strong and loyal support of the Edmond bar scene. 

Here’s the part of the ceremony where Martinez was honored. It’s worth watching just to hear the soothing pipes of Brent Skarky. 

Listen, I’m not saying that a much-publicized DUI arrest, or any other personal mishap, should disqualify a lawmaker from receiving an award. If that were the case, we’d probably run out of lawmakers to give awards to!

That being said, shouldn’t lawmakers at least have to finish their community service, serve their probation, and make a quick appearance in rehab before they’re eligible for such an honor?

Seriously, I know the State Chamber doesn’t really care about what lawmakers do when they’re not writing legislation that overwhelming benefits wealthy business owners and corporations over that of peon workers and consumers, but can’t they pretend to have some shred of dignity and not honor and recognize lawmakers who bring continued shame and embarrassment to the office they represent?

The answer is “I guess not.”

Anyway, we’d like to once again congratulate Mr. Martinez.

He's proof that you can overcome any mistake if you bend the knee to the right powerful political organization. Also, now that he’s been recognized as a “Lawmaker of the Year," you have to wonder if Governor Stitt will answer the phone the next time he calls, or at least send an OHP escort the next time he’s out drinking and driving?

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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