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Derplahomans trying to run off Enid librarian…

Conservative cancel culture is alive and well in Oklahoma.

Earlier this year, we told you about the coordinated efforts of Derplahoman Culture War fighters in the Enid area to ban library book displays that celebrated super controversial things like Pride Month, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day. 

Not content with this escalation of cancel culture theatrics, they’re now trying to knock offline the Enid Public Library's social media pages, and apparently run off the library’s new director – Theri Ray.

I’m not super in tune with what’s happening from my big city perch here in OKC, but I guess Theri was recently promoted to library director, and since she doesn’t wear a jean dress and host essential oil meetings after bible study group, the promotion didn’t sit too well with the authoritarian Enid thought police who think their personal stodgy morals and antiquated beliefs are superior to everyone elses. 

As a result, they complained to the library board about Theri’s hire and some of the stuff the library has shared on social media. Here’s a rushed breakdown from the Enid News Eagle:

The local library’s board members voted to temporarily suspend some of the library’s social media use and recommended an investigation into allegations made during a meeting Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022.

During Wednesday’s regular meeting, which lasted for more than three hours, the Board of Directors of Public Library of Enid and Garfield County voted to temporarily pause the library’s social media pages and sites except Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which are listed on the library’s official website.

Public commenters alleged “inappropriate use of social media” by Theri Ray, who recently was named library director after serving as interim for a year, spurring the suspension of some social media sites, such as Discord, after much discussion among themselves and with Ray, City Manager Jerald Gilbert and City Attorney Carol Lahman.

I found the full video of the library board meeting online and it seemed like your typical right-wing culture war “concerned parent” circle jerk. You can watch it here.

Although Theri had a couple of supporters, every couple of minutes, an outraged conservative parent would walk up to the podium and go full Karen on her, complaining about stuff she's shared on social media.

You know, typical angry right-wing townfolk like this…

And this… 

And this…

By far, my favorite speaker was the guy who brought a laptop to the podium to show the board a TikTok that Theri shared to what I believe is her personal account.

In the video, she discussed her thoughts – as a degreed librarian – on Ryan Walters's favorite book – Gender Queer.

Yep, he wants to run off the town librarian for sharing her personal and nuanced expert opinion on a book – one she's actually read – that right-wing blowhards want to ban from schools even though they likely haven’t read it. How’s that for freedom?

Based on the reaction of the townfolk, you have to feel a bit sorry for Theri in all this. I have exes who are librarians, friends that are librarians, and crushes who are librarians, and for the most part, they’re a liberal and progressive bunch who are all for pushing boundaries, promoting the open and free-flowing exchange of concepts and ideas, and, well, not banning books because some conservative close-minded uneducated Christian-folk think they are gross or icky. 

Basically, I’d imagine being the head librarian in a backwoods place like Enid is about as fun as being the police chief in a place like San Francisco. Not only are Derplahomans trying to prevent Theri from doing her job, but they’re also trying to take away her job. If I was her, I’d post links to the Brooklyn Library Books Unbanned QR code on all Enid Public Library social media channels and then quit out of protest, or better yet, get fired so I could try to collect unemployment. 

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue to follow this saga and provide any updates. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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