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TLO Restaurant Review: Van’s Pig Stand

When it comes to Oklahoma barbecue chains that aren't supported by Kevin Stitt and his Übermensch of Casual Dining, Van’s Pig Stands stands tall in the mild sauce of reckoning…at least I hoped so.

After a night of wanton self-flagellation following the woeful results of this past election, I woke and found a peaceable self-reflection. After my exercises, a shower, and feeding the horses, I decided that I wanted a meat-laden lunch.

I chose the less-mawkish Van’s Pig Stand, 320 N. Porter Ave., in Norman—there are five locations, usually in driving distance—in the white building with green windows. The employees gave a semi-enthusiastic greeting as I gave my lazy order.

I went with the one thing I needed in this non-abusive atmosphere – BBQ Cheese Fries with Pulled Pork ($15.00) and a side or two of ranch dressing, along with a small helping of Baked Beans ($3.50).

After a few minutes of watching passing cars, I had my entrée...

While the savory Baked Beans are truly a gift from the principals of saints—especially when mixed with the plain pulled pork—I had to stop eating them because the main entrée was calling to me, beckoning to me…

To be honest, the BBQ Cheese Fries with Pulled Pork were enlightening, with the rows of seraphim belting a joyous ditty to their absolute brilliance. On the curliest fries – bonus points for their accuracies and grandeur – the holiest of holies were pointing to the massive slabs of pulled pork, with strands of the greatest cheese at their beck and call.

With a plaintive helping of godly ranch, this was a slovenly miracle of taste! It all came together to a rhapsodic opus, with the carnivorous finger of a fat God giving us a blessing as the blessed pork rained down upon us, amen.

Basically, it is far far better barbecue than Swadley’s!

As the cheese fries went to heavenly reward, I possessed myself with the demonic salvation of the Rum Pie ($4.15).

A slice of unfortunate sin, the pie was a tasty closer. As the confectionery rum erotically bathed my body and tongue with spiritual salvation, I knew that this would be undone.

Cómpralo ya!


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