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Ardmore attorney alleges “illegal bugging” at Carter County Jail

Earlier today, we got an email from defense attorney Jason May – the same guy who thwarted an Ardmore judge’s attempt to turn the county jail into some sort of debtors' prison – claiming that the attorney room at the Carter County Jail in Ardmore is being illegally bugged.

According to a press release, May claims a clandestine video recording device was discovered in the room when a jail trustee changed a lightbulb.

Check this out:

May included some pics of the device with his email. Check this out:

Hey, I'm not a corrupt Oklahoma DA or sheriff or creeper who films people without their knowledge, but that does look suspicious.

In fact, it makes me wonder what’s more embarrassing. Is it that A) an Oklahoma Sherriff was possibly snooping on communications between attorneys and clients or is it B) that an Oklahoma Sheriff did such a terrible job hiding a recording device?!

I’m going to go with option B. I think we all expect the Oklahoma law enforcement complex to violate people's riots whenever they can, but we also expect them to do a better job covering it up. 

Seriously, get your act together! That's just embarrassing. Expect Carter County Sherrif Chris Bryant to go into hiding at an Alabama RV park for 90 days while this embarrassing controversy blows over. 

According to May, he reported his findings to the Oklahoma Attorney General, which I guess motivated whoever hid the camera to plug the hole:

May then goes on to explain why a sheriff or DA or whoever from the Oklahoma law enforcement complex illegally observing lawyers communicate with clients is a bad idea…

Actually, I would argue that most Sheriffs are above the law, or at least they think they are. Why else would they run for County Sheriff? 

Anyway, I guess it will be interesting to see if May’s discovery leads to anything, or like most things in the Oklahoma Criminal Justice System, if it all gets brushed under the rug. We’ll follow the situation and let you know. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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