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TLO finally cited in campaign attack mailer!!!

They referenced our story about a lawmaker who once paid for an abortion voting to outlaw all abortion!

Well, I guess we’ve finally made it! 

Yesterday afternoon, a couple of Ogle Moles let me know that The Lost Ogle was not only cited, but also portrayed as a fancy print newspaper, in a negative campaign attack mailer that went out against State Representative Eric Roberts

In case you forget, Roberts is one of those hypocritical Republican politicians who voted to ban all forms of abortion as a lawmaker, despite the fact that he eagerly paid for one when it personally affected him. 

Check this out:

Wow. What a great milestone day for TLO... and a dark one for the rest of the local media staffed by people with real-life journalism degrees. 

Seriously, we interviewed both the woman Roberts impregnated – and his ex-girlfriend who found the abortion receipt – to break a very valid story that shows conservative hypocrisy at its finest, and the rest of the local media went full crickets.

Now that they know the story can get them some free publicity in Roberts’ future elections, maybe that will change! 

Until that happens, you can read our original report about Roberts going full Hershel Walker here... 

If you would like to come forward with details about any local politician paying for abortion while also voting to prohibit abortion, hit us up on the tip line. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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