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Damon Lane has fun with soil moisture weather dong…

5:29 AM EDT on September 6, 2022

I hope everyone had a fun and festive Labor Day Weekend!

For the most part, things were pretty slow in the Sooner State, with most of our criminals, football teams, and even grifter politicians being on good behavior, failing to cause controversy, and enjoying the hot weather.

About the only thing that really seemed to cause a local ruckus was a now-deleted Facebook post by KOCO Channel 5 weatherman Damon Lane.

He noticed a massive weather dong in the state's ground moisture report and couldn't resist the temptation to rub out a funny, innuendo-filled Facebook post about it. It's surely a first-ballot entry into the Oklahoma Weather Dong Hall of Fame presented by Patricia's.

Wow. That's awesome, and in an immature way, funny! If the whole weatherman thing doesn't work out for Damon, it's nice to know he can always write for us someday!

Although the post was a quick hit on Facebook and achieved every weatherman and media outlet's goals of generating thousands of likes and shares, the post was curiously deleted after only a few hours.

People quickly pointed their fingers at Damon Lane. Did the reaction to the joke come too fast and take Damon by surprise, causing a panicked deletion???

Actually, Damon seemed puzzled by its removal as well:

Once again, clicks, likes and shares are like crack cocaine for weathermen. They'll do anything for them. Damon Lane deleting that post would make as much sense as Regular Jim Traber turning down a free Mazzio's pizza.

Obviously, there has to be another explanation for this mysterious blue-balled deletion of weather dong perfection. Did Jonathan Condor put on some gardening clogs and delete the post to protect Damon from lustful Deer Creek moms? Did a pious and ashamed Abigail Ogle delete it like a batch of her fake Twitter followers? Did Mike and Marla Morgan guess the KOCO Facebook Weather Page Password – I think it's "HookEcho69" – and remove the post out of rage and jealousy???

Obviously, the last one makes the most sense.

Anyway, we'd like to thank Damon for hopping on the TLO beat and having some fun with a weather dong. It's a shame it was deleted, but at least it will live on forever in screenshot lore like the weather dongs below.






Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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