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Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony isn’t letting up!

1:34 PM EDT on August 30, 2022

A few weeks back, we let you know that term-limited Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony has gone rogue, and is having a merry old time breaking Oklahoma Ruling Class protocol and exposing just how bad Oklahoma consumers have been hosed by the corporation commission, lawmakers and our super-friendly public utilities.

Fortunately for Joe Powerless Oklahoma Consumer, it doesn't look like Anthony is letting up anytime soon.

Earlier today, he filed a follow-up to his January 2022 "DISSENTING OPINION" over the state's decision to issue bonds to cover the $1.28 billion we owed ONG – a division of the NYSE-traded company One Gas – to cover the price-gouged natural gas they billed us for during the February 2021 cold spell. 

Thanks to rising interest rates over the past six months or so, I guess the actual cost for that $1.28 billion has nearly doubled to $2.25 billion, which is something we'll all have to pay back over the next 25 years or so. Even the folks at David Stanley think that's a ripoff. 

Well, at least I think that's the gist of everything. I'm just some dude with an English degree who writes words on the Internet for a living. You don't actually expect me to understand how bonds work, do you?

You can check out Commissioner Anthony's full opinion below:

Even though it doesn't really matter in the whole scheme of things, you have to admit that it's kind of cool to see at least one person from the Oklahoma Ruling Class standing up for regular Oklahomans.

Well, at least before he's excommunicated and demoted down to the Midtown Rotary Club.

Anyway, I know we have a bunch of wealthy smart lawyer-types who read this website. If you're one of them, can you...

A) Sign up as a Lost Ogle Subscriber and send a few bucks our way each month?

B) Explain what some of this means in the comments?

Yes, I know it may seem awkward to ask you for money and then request for you to do my job for me, but if public utilities can easily get away with dicking over people who use their service, why can't local blogs?

Anyway, we'd like to thank Commissioner Anthony for having the term-limited balls to fight for the little guy. We encourage him to keep it up until a public utility is forced to hire him as a lobbyist.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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