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Oklahoma Wildlife Department wants to deport Alice the Alligator…

It still sucks to be an alligator in Oklahoma.

Earlier this week, KOKH Fox 25 told us about the sad story of Alice the Alligator.

Over the past couple of years, she's been living in peace and tranquil captivity at something called the OKC Rattlesnake and Venom Museum –  a real place that exists and will probably have its own Netflix series someday.

Sadly, the herpetophobes at the Wildlife Department found out about the future Ogle Madness champion and now want her deported:

A pet American alligator who belongs to OKC Rattlesnake and Venom Museum may be taken away by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation...

The museum houses hundreds of reptiles and they say the alligator was left at their front door....

Allice, the American alligator, is named after rocker, Alice Cooper.

Allice is housed at OKC Rattlesnake and Venom Museum.

"She is so personable," Morgan Hensley with OKC Rattlesnake and Venom Museum said. "She is the ambassador of education. She loves people and interacts with them. She has been learning commands and sign language too."

Hensley says they have had Allice for two years but during a recent and routine inspection the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation said the gator has to go.

Geeze, and you thought the people of Oklahoma had it rough! Just look at what alligators have to deal with!

Earlier this year, we shared the sad story about the OK Wildlife Department executing a gator whose only crime was trying to find a place to live after being dumped in a lake in Claremore. Now they're trying to take Alice away from her adopted home and parents! That's cruel!

And it's not only the people (and government) of Oklahoma that treat gators like shit. Oklahoma weather also shows no mercy!

The people at the OKC Rattlesnake and Venom Museum aren't taking the news very well. They've started an online petition to save Alice, and made her plight the subject of their Sunday Serpent Facebook show, where they also unveiled their next animal that's likely be taken away by animal DHS – a baby Nile crocodile.

As I mentioned, this place will probably have its own Netflix series someday. They just need to invest in microphones, shoot some music videos, and get the blonde lady to run for Governor and they'll be on their way.

Also, if owning an alligator is illegal in Oklahoma, I bet the same goes for a Nile fucking crocodile. Knowing our luck, they'll probably release the thing into the Bricktown Canal where it will terrorize passengers on the water taxi.

Anyway, here's the Wildlife Department's take on the issue:

"They are neat animals," Micah Holmes with ODWC said. "They are native to Oklahoma, but they don't make good pets. That is why we are strict on regulating who can have them, where they can have them and how they are housed."

Okay, that seems like a fair policy. Let's be honest – Oklahoma doesn't have the best record when it comes to people owning local zoos that house dangerous, predatory animals. In the best-case scenario, we'll show some compassion, enact the Oklahoma Standard, and work with the zoo on a plan to keep her there. If they can't accommodate her, we should work out a deal and give Alice to a certified zoo or aquarium. And if that doesn't work... well... a Bricktown Canal alligator would be a cool tourist attraction.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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