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Hoot Industries brings Happy Hour fun to Downtown OKC!

Calling all fans of patios, cheap cold drinks, and free money

Hoot Industries is proud to announce we're bringing two new happy hour events to the downtown OKC area with Jackpot Bingo at City Garden and Singoat Anthem Brewing! They're a great excuse to relax and unwind with friends and coworkers after a long day of work! Plus, you can win money and save money in the process with excellent "Happy Hour "drink specials!

Here are the details:


Starts Sept 8th!

This is classic bar bingo! The first person to get a bingo in each round wins house cash to the McNellie's group! We end the night with a $200 cash jackpot drawing. Happy Hour specials include $3 well drinks + half-off all drafts and frozen pouches.


Singo is like bingo, but instead of calling letters and numbers, we play clips of songs! If the song is on your card, you mark it off. If the song isn't on your card, well, you still got to listen to good music! Either way, the first person to get a singo in each round takes home Anthem house cash.

As always, Hoot Singo and Jackpot Bingo are free and fun! No purchase is required. And if our Happy Hour events don't fit in your schedule, don't worry – you can play our brand of Free Team Trivia, Singo, and or Jackpot Bingo at plenty of other great bars and restaurants across the metro. View our full bar entertainment schedule here.

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